The power of your rights

To be human is not just a privilege but a blessing and as such we have duties, choices and rights. The fundamental human rights, we have the right to life, right to make our own choices  even when we sometimes don't fully understand the rights we have.

In the society today because of certain external factors our rights as humans have been jeopardized and tampered with. Most people don't know their rights and some have been misled in giving up their rights and privileges.

Let's us consider a cub living among a flock of sheep after losing control of its way back to its pride. The cub living with the sheep for several years becomes acquainted with them and begins to enjoy the herbivores life of the sheep without considering the taste of meat. 

He ran away from carnivorous animals whenever they chased him, the pride of lions and other carnivorous animals saw him and the sheep as their potential food for the day. The length of the race is unmeasurable as it is obvious that nobody is ready to withstand a death trap or route. 

On a certain day, while drinking water from a stream, the flock were chased by a hungry lioness and the cub ran along with the flock without considering the face of the animal that chased them. The race away from predators continue until the day the cub decided to examine its face and that of the lioness. 

After meditating on the lioness' face and its own, he realizes that they look alike and he decides not to run away the next time they are being chased by any lion or lioness. The cub continues to act like a sheep until he finally had the opportunity to withstand a lioness which was unable to kill him but play with him and took him to her pride.

So in life, everyone has the fundamental human rights to be whom they want to be as far as your rights are not a barrier to other people’s rights. This is highlighted in the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights 1958 and other related Articles and Charter of freedom of rights.

Human right is the fundamental entitlement of all human that should be guaranteed under the virtue of them being human. This right doesn't need to be overshadowed by any external force but it's overwhelming that the situation of things around the globe as make it a bit difficult for a human to express their rights.

External forces ain't as powerful as internal ones because a man can't be forced to change what he doesn't want to change except he decides to change it by himself. This is why we need to know how to develope our selves.

We have our life in our hands and if you still operate your narrow-minded souls in the cloud of religious beliefs, traditional myths, cultural practices, social norms and unethical ideology and aghast constitutional laws, you are operating and leaving in a shadow of darkness!

I never believed that the world is  as gifted and special until I watched the movie Black Panther over and over again, then, I  know  that someday, there could be an agitating and illumination of knowledge, wisdom and understanding for the truth.

I am tired of being an advocate of stigmatization, discrimination, homophobia, Xenophobia or heterophobia. Let’s stop to praise ignorance, ineffectiveness, laziness, bad leadership, selfishness, corruption & wickedness in high places because of some temporary benefits we get from them.

Illiteracy  is ignorance added with wickedness and fanaticism and  fueled by Orthodox religious ideology, traditionalists & Government failures. I will advocate for a drastic change in idiotic behaviours and religious enslavement even though I believe God is the ultimate.

Everyone has the chance to agitate for whatever they believe. I have regards for tradition, culture and religion but with exceptions where my fundamental human right is being threatened. I am not in the generation of Prophet Moses & the declaration of the Jews, Pharisees and Romans in over 2000 years ago will not supersede the Universal Human rights Declaration in our lifetime!

When fighting for people, look behind you if truly; the people need your voice or just wanted your voicemail because when the going is good the sheep rejoice until the beat changes against them.

A house built on soil cannot be compared to the one on a rock! And an egg can not fight a rock. I pity no other person than myself, envy no one but myself, jealous no one but myself, I am in a race, a serious battlefield of life to make my today better than my yesterday. 

I am responsible for whatever I believe and I'm ready to continue taking responsibility for my actions but I won't let people decide certain things for me because I am a human and I know there is a human right!

Writer: Omoregha Peter

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