How To Find Your Way Out Of Drug Abuse

    The world we live in today has been exposed to not just climatic changes, but also to other forms of change; medically emotionally, psychologically, financially, socially etc. These changes now form the basis of mankind; The Jet Generation so fast, faster than its own shadow.

    I remember how often we were told to write on DRUG ABUSE as essays in secondary school and how I loved expressing my view on it.


    Growing up, I learned that drug was anything that could alter the body system and I thought only hard drugs could be abused. I grew up with the mentality that only drugs could one be addicted to, sadly in this jet age there are a lot of things humans are addicted to. Drug, social media, food, the need to please people, make up, things.

    Make up? Yes! Make up, and a lot of things. So the big question is what is addiction?

    Medicine defines it as a state that is characterized by compulsive drug use. The state of being addicted; strong devotion to involve oneself in something habitually, to the exclusion of almost anything else. So, you see why make up could be an addiction. Well, don't be bothered. I'm writing on the abuse of and addiction to drugs.

    Drugs are substances made to alter body function positively or negatively. It's taken in to either build, boost of break down certain body functions. Some are used to create medicines and can serve as preservatives.

    Drug abuse and addiction.

    Drug addiction is the dependency on drugs, especially those which are illegal or improperly procured.

    Drug Abuse is the misuse of drugs, overindulgence in drugs or substance abuse. Drugs are addictive and highly abused by teenagers who see it as 'fly' enabling them to feel high.

    Drugs like stimulants, pain relief, tranquilizers and dissociates have been highly misused and hooked upon by juveniles, but are hard drugs the only substances abused? The most commonly abused medicines are the prescribed pain relievers. Just a little head ache and like in the movies two pills are swallowed.

    In teenagers/youths the abuse of drugs and addiction to drugs is mainly caused by societal pressure and the need to feel among one’s peer. The society through movies and songs tend to encourage teenagers into it and stylishly demean them for deciding not to join.

    What about peer groups?

    They tease you and torture you constantly about your decision to steer clear and ask you to make a little compromise. Well the elderly would say why keep those kinds of friends?

    Then the question leads to another cause, inferiority complex and the dire need to be accepted.

    Ever had parents who are so occupied trying to make you financially buoyant and ignore your emotional well-being?

    It is disheartening. Then you find a group of people who do something your parents and family have never done, give you attention and listens to you. You do not know how starved you are emotionally till you realize how you desperately try to keep up with your crew's demands. Sometimes they do not have to join a clique before they get hooked on.

    Remember in the movies how Master A sniffs it and feels better about himself? Didn't you see him take three extra pills from his sleeping pills to aid him sleep quicker and deeper? As a matter fact he forgot all that Mom said to him about him being different and odd.

    What about Lady B that took an overdose of those pain relief drugs to ease her persistent throbbing headache faster? Did it make her sleep better and longer? Well, Lady B did feel rested after the overdose, it made her forget how lonely she felt. Well, why don't I do so too?

    The triggers of drug abuse, and the way out.

    Drug Abuse mainly recognized with hypochondriacs and ignorant adults is the wrong use of drugs most, especially self-medication. The former seriously Disturbed and overly conscious of her health would take a pain relief at the slightest feel of a headache without considering the option to rest.

    Emotional negligence can lead a teenager to addiction.
    Ignorant people tend to think anything associated with fever must be Malaria and then decide to handle it themselves. What about those who can't afford tests? They end up treating themselves with no proper medical guidance.

    The way out is enlightenment. After all the holy book said, “people perish for lack of knowledge, and the unfolding of the word brings light.”

    Education, public awareness on social media, and everywhere and enlightenment will help talk about the dangers associated with the abuse of and addiction to drugs enabling people to think better.

    One might ask what of those hooked on it?

    Love and Rehab- Yes it does wonders. Understanding the person's frail mental health and possible withdrawal or return to the addiction, he or she needs to be loved for whom they are despite their shortcomings. Love alone won't do. A rehabilitation center and program would work.

    Then what if you are the one addicted? You just can't help it. What you should do is to do is to call for help. Reach out to not just anyone but someone who is trust worthy and educated. Someone who wouldn't make matters worse for you but show you love, care, show you the way out, and possibly lead you to a suitable rehab center.
    Not one is safer than another. DRUG ABUSE AND ADDICTION IS DEADLY DO AVOID IT.



    Writer: Abiayi Nmesoomachim

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