Ignorance the deadliest pandemic

Knowing who you are is so essential in life that it helps keeps you on track. Know your worth.

We talked about ignorance being so deadly that it shadows your sight and makes you myopic in your perspective. Now you're probably asking what's next.

Do not just identify the fact that you're ignorant but do identify the fact that you're eager to learn so, you do not go on beating yourself up.

I remember growing up, and the whole talk about temperament was on. My mother believed I was a Sanguine I did not know anything about temperaments, but I did identify the wrong fact. Not that I was eager to know who I was, but that I was so eager to prove to them that I was not a Sanguine that lives to eat.

Learn not to identify the wrong fact. Identify the right thing, the right reasons for you wanting to go on your new journey. Well, it took me eight years to finally realize that I needed to identify the correct reasons for me wanting a way out of my ignorance. Not because I want to accumulate knowledge and show off to everyone that am knowledgeable also.

You are cutting ignorance off by its root because you want to attain full potential. You want to come out of the dark from where you've been.

You do not just identify with the fact that you're a sinner, and you come out openly to give your life to Christ so all will see your big move, but you identified the need for you to retrace your steps and to come to the full knowledge of what you were made to be.

You do not just identify yourself with the right reasons, you also study. The unfolding of God's word brings light. Remember, readers are leaders.

You've realise how lost you've been so why don't you start finding your way out.
Once I realized the right reasons for my quest on finding my temperament, I started studying. I ignored how was reminded of the fact that I had read that book before and how I opened my mind to understand the book and see it in a different dimension.

I decided to study. I needed to come out of the ignorant shade that was obstructing my view, but I also needed to see and that seeing came with studying.
It came with me deciding to find the light, it came with the need for me to find my path, know what my temperament really was.

The right reasons were driving me to the light. To study, to dig further and deeper. To understand, to learn, to know, and to search.

You do not just study. You comprehend and relate, You study and use. Learn how to overcome inferiority complex.

David had studied the Lord well enough to know how He works, so, he was ready to use all he had learned. He was ready to relate all he had learned with his battles. David did not just walk into the battlefield with his head full of pride from studying, he went into the battlefield with his mindset to use all he had learned.

So, you do not just identify your ignorant state, and your reasons to be knowledgeable, you study and you do nott just study to show how knowledgeable you are, you study till you understand and to be able to utilize all you've learned.

You do not just study to utilize all you've learned, you study because you need that light to lead you to your path.
I started with we finding who we are, and I'll end with that. You should come out of your ignorant state with the understanding that you need to go back to your roots not for anything but the fact that you need to find your path.

Your quest for knowledge should be the need for you to find your path.

Writer: Abiayi Nmesoomachim

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  1. Sooma, this write is not just interesting also relevant in a time like this the global community has been lock in. It's an opportunity to learn and get equipped ahead of when the pandemic is over.

    Jesus didn't appear as a messiah, No! He came as a babe to learn and understand the culture, politics and the way of reason of man so he could fulfill the main purpose of his coming easily.

  2. Beautiful piece, and very insightful. Keep it up dear.

    Ignorance is truly the deadliest pandemic.

    1. Praise God 🤗🤗 Thank you for reading

  3. Waoooo...., Intriguing. Keep it up dear

    1. By God's grace, I'll 🤗🤗. Thank you for reading 🤗🤗