Money - A paradigm shift

People have different perspectives in life.
Some are based on Money and material things while some are based on happiness from different source.

There is no doubt about the things that can be acquired by money.
Yes, we can acquire a lot of things with our money but there are some other things that are worth acquiring than money only.

The love of money has made a lot of persons to involve themselves in illegal acts which are personality, and peace destroyers.
I am not saying making money or striving to make money is bad.

But despite these things, our priority should not be based on Money and material things.
Although Money is important, but it can't buy you everything;

  • Money can buy lust but can't buy love because love is something intimate
  • Money can give an influential lifestyle but not a true influence.
  • Money can buy a happy life's appearance, but not the happy life itself.
  • Money can buy clock but it can't buy time or turn the clock back in time.
  • You can lease for money but you can't get peace by money
  • With money you can buy a house but not the inner comfort of a home.
  • Money can buy or purchase healthcare and medicine but it can't replace natural health
  • It can buy adulation but not respect
  • It can help develop a talent but can't buy a talent
  • It can buy people's service and not their loyalty
  • It can buy fancy clothes and artificial look, but not real beauty.
  • Money can put you into a high class but Money certainly do not make you classy (manner)
  • Money attract people who want to be your friends but it does not guarantee true friendship.
  • Through money one can acquire knowledge but not the practical application of the knowledge.

These, and many more, too numerous to mention. Hence, we need to strive for a lot of valuables that are beyond material things and money. 

The things that would help us impact human lives, things that would motivate people to strive for more, things that would agitate the sleeping LIONS in people's lives, things that would bring out the best and enhance them to set pace in their different areas in life.

Although, money would also help, but the money we acquire won't speak after our time on earth- as its certain that must people will only follow you for the money and leave you when the money is gone. Except you acquire some non-material things that would speak more about you than the money they look after.

So, our little contribution and submission to humanity can make us an entity that won't be forgotten easily. Thereby increasing our capability to strive for more and making our alacrity stronger through the help of divinity which is the ultimate.

You might not have the money you wish right now, but you have to know that; your current situation and proximity is not the main thing that should define your ability rather, make your little contribution by enhancing yourself in different aspects and leave the rest for the divinity to handle.

Success is not defined by the amount of money you are able to acquire rather by the little things that can give you inner happiness.

Live your designed life and be sure that in your search for money you are not losing focus on things that cannot be bought with money. The little things you can contribute to humanity matters a lot.

Writer: Omoregha Peter

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