Solving Inferiority Complex


    Inferiority complex has to do with the subconscious. It is an individual's state of mind of not measuring up to certain standards in the society.

    This mean it is something we decide by ourselves as human beings due to some certain situations, challenges, ideas, environment and a lot more, but the truth is that we get hurt most times by allowing ourselves feel this way.

    This kind of feeling is propagated from our subconscious mind.

    Inferiority complex makes us to compare ourselves with others, and that is not good enough for our mental health. So, feeling inferior is a crucial thing, we need to deal with if we actually want to accomplish our desires or get to the acme we have in mind.

    This feeling is fed by some certain things which if not curbed would lead to the continuous feeding of our subconscious mind in the long run.

    Some causes of inferiority complex.

    • Comparing ourselves with others
    • Seeking for validation
    • Peer group influence
    • Environmental factors
    • Family or background challenges
    • Fear of criticism.

    The above listed causes of inferiority complex can be summed up into comparison. Which if solved, can also help overcome other underlying factors behind this mind-boggling disease (Inferiority complex).

    How to overcome inferiority complex

    Comparison have destroyed a lot of personalities, marriage, family, friendship and relationship. Comparing yourself to others won't help u grow at all rather it will cause some things that will reduce your self-image. 

    It is not bad to admire people around us but comparing ourselves to them is an abysmal decision to take because when we do this it is either we; see ourselves to be better than them or see them to be better than us, and of course both are not good for our growth in life.

    There is only one person we are permitted to compare ourselves with.

    The question now is:
    Who should we compare ourselves with, in other not to feel inferior to others?

    Before answering the question it's good we know that nobody can make anyone feel inferior without their permission and people don't need to give out such permission because ones it's being given out, a lot of terrible thought will present itself to the person's mind and those thoughts are registered in the subconscious mind within few period.

    The only person we are permitted to compare ourselves with is OURSELVES. Yes, we are to do that in other to improve ourselves. We need to make our today better than our yesterday by doing some critical thinking on our life and identifying the things we need to change in our way of reasoning.

    We need to believe in ourselves and build our self-image.

    ☑ A guide to self development.

    So, you need to work on yourself, develop your self-image, strive for more and utilize the God-given ability you possess. Although it might take time but, it's good we know that; if we don't start, it's certain we can't arrive. So, we need to start doing something about our identified causes of Inferiority complex. 

    This is the foundation we need to build on as it is obvious, there is little you can learn from doing nothing. The more we work on these things the better we become and the more our mind is open to more agitating things that can be done to help others recognize theirs.

    As we start, we also need to put in mind that motivation will only get us started, discipline is what we need to keep going and the more we discipline ourselves against the underlying problem of inferiority complex the stronger we become in the long run.

    Start building yourself today, in other to overcome the mind boggling disease of Inferiority complex.

    Writer: Omoregha Peter

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    1. Wow.
      The writer really did a good job.
      We need to stop comparing ourselves to others.