Taking Responsibility

The word Responsibility is the state of being responsible, accountable or answerable to things.

Responsibility is one thing that can not be covered up no matter how hard we try to do so. Because, in the long run its consequences will surely show up.

Some people believe that they are to take responsibility only when they succeed in things they attempt or when they accomplish certain goals they set for themselves, forgetting that responsibility should also be taken when things are not going right, and we are not able to get that desire we have in mind at that particular period.

When things go wrong they therefore, blame their government, religion, relatives, acquaintance, and other people that are not the main determinant of the actions they took in the first place because as human beings, people can only give us their own suggestion on things, but we are the one to make the final decision except we allow other people's influence to decide our action.

Allowing other people influence to decide our final decision on things makes us look incompetent and reluctant to proceed with things in the future, when it's being required.

People's influence on us should not be more than our influence as they might intentionally set an abyss for us without knowing what is really going on.
Nobody can influence us without our permission, and we would like ourselves so much not to give them such permission.

I am not against asking people for their suggestion on things we want to sort out because I believe teamwork is better than single handled work and seeking advice from people around us helps to sharpen our intellectual capacity and enlightening us about different ways of handling things, but we must be watchful of the kind of advice and suggestions we gather from others as the final result will be ours and not theirs.

We can't continue to blame our government, religion, relative, friends and acquaintance for the results we get from the things we do in life as their impact is not the decider of our life outcome rather our philosophy, way of reasoning, is the issue we need to sort out without attempting bias movement.

Scrutinizing our philosophy properly will help us to recognize the things we need to do to attain the acme we have in mind for ourselves although it's certain we have to deal with a lot of influences raising from our environment, family and nation.

After examining our philosophy judiciously, we would find out some lugubrious things we have admitted through the influence of other people we allow to dominate our thought and life. Hence, we need to take responsibility.

Blaming others for the misfortunes we encounter in life is not the panacea to the problem we face, in fact it acts as a catalyst to it; another problem that increase the rate of our problems.

So, we need to approach things with an act of responsibility because we are the captain of our ship and if we travel downward the only person we have to blame is ourselves.

Responsibility is compulsory, mandatory, and crucial if we want to accomplish our heart desire, and it's cannot be overshadowed by our act of blaming others.

Until we take charge of ourselves we would always remain uncharged!

Writer: Omoregha Peter

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  1. Yeah! Most people prefer looking for a "scape goat" but we should learn to take responsibility first. Awesome piece ✔️

  2. This is so true.
    People blame others too much without knowing or admitting they are the one to be blamed.

  3. This is a good one
    Taking responsibility is very important...

  4. Taking responsibility is a good move....