The Betrayal - RAPE

I am not one of those biased feminists, but I am only here to state my view which is open to any contradiction. Please calm down and read thoroughly.

Betrayal is an act of deception, to deceive, to violate the confidence of another and to expose one to inconvenience not foreseen and to lead astray and then abandon.

The thing about rape is that it shows the level of hate and cruelty one had in him/her. I'm not excluding even those who act under the influence of drugs or the mentally derailed ones. You see the weakness they gave into enabled them to do the job. 

Some, because she said no to his proposal he sees it as a snob, some because he or she feels he's older than the ward, so he or she can and will force his or her self on the innocent soul. Others due to the fact that he or she can't control his or her own failures, and shortcomings as a human from devouring him or her up.

Now to my main word; The process of having sexual intercourse with another individual by force, without their permission, or against their will, and any sex act forced by any person upon another person is known as RAPE!

The most painful thing about rape is the fact that 80% of the victims knew their predators. They knew who had defiled them and sadly they trusted them. 

When a victim is raped. He or she loses a huge part of him or her stolen and taken away treacherously and without faith by the predator. 

Their trust being violated, and they being delivered up to the enemies of fear, trauma, hate and worse of all; society and its loud mouth.

Look at these closely: Imagine a teenage girl raped, she's disoriented and alienated by society. She needs her place back because a pregnant teenage girl has lost her respect, she aborts the child to shut wagging tongues. What about an eight-year-old child forced against his will? He becomes traumatized and withdrawn and sees force, coercion and rape as the best way to show Dominion, authority or supremacy.

What of ladies that so trusted their partners and ended up being raped? Whose mindset becomes ruined for their spouses, who react to every touch, move or even sound? Who become suspicious of attention and love bestowed on them.

What of the selfless Godly sister in church that turned down the numerous proposals of the rebellious man that reeks of alcohol, sweat and cigarette by 7:00am and ends up being defiled by him? 

She becomes bitter, angry at the world and destabilized. She feels there's nothing more to be kept or preserved, so she's hungry for sexual pleasure and ready to give anyone who asks as long as she's not forced, and she's satisfied but then, the deep hole in her only gets wider and deeper.

Stories of lives, homes, and destinies ripped apart because someone couldn't keep the trust the other had for them. Rape is no different from betrayal and can't be justified by or with any flimsy excuse. 

Not even the person's actions or inaction! One has no right whatsoever to force his or her unruly desires on another!

Like ripples of a stone, when thrown into a pond, so also does rape have effects on its victims. Scars that do not go away, leaving memories forever fetched on the hearts of the victims varying in degree, some responsibilities in the form of children others might be diseases that stay with them till their dying breathe! No matter what do Say a Loud NO TO RAPE!

Writer: Abiayi Nmesoomachim

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