This is why you should not skip any process in life


    Have you ever pressed the fast-forward button while watching a movie because you're worried sick about what would probably happen to the protagonist, and you really do not want to see things go wrong for him/her, or while reading a book you skipped a few pages because you did not want to see the protagonist make mistakes or because you did not want to read the consequences of his/her bad decisions?

    Well, we are all guilty of that. We all want to see things go well, but we really do not want to see things go haywire, and that's why we try hard to skip the bad and unpleasant parts.

    Like the French people would say c'est la vie! Meaning :- This is life.
    You certainly can't and won't be able to press the fast-forward button.

    Why You Should Not Skip Any Lessons In Life.

    Your worst experiences teach you the best and greatest lessons, so why skip them? It is certainly not easy at all, coming face to face with your mistakes and fears, staring them right in the eyes, confronting them and living with the aftermath effect.

    You are probably saying right now that I do not understand it. Well maybe I do not but I do understand that running or trying to skip that class/lecture would only make you not to ace the examination or test.

    Remember they say, "life is an exam.” What happens when you try to skip a class just because the lecture is boring, frustrating or not being understood?.
    We all know what would certainly happen. You would have to repeat that same class and if care is not taken, drop-out. And of course you wouldn't have to repeat the same class, if you're ready to drop out of school.

    This Is What You Should Know.

    Life is a school of experiences so really doubt it if anyone would be able to drop out of life even if they want to.

    For some it means waking up every day to behold the face of that child born out our wedlock.

    Love and appreciate the lesson. Do not tell me it's not so easy, (there should be no excuses).

    Is life any easier, so why complicate things and run from the repercussions of your actions?

    It's probably you're having to start all over. That is fine, but you have to learn from your past mistakes, and face every turn and twist life throws at you this time.

    However, It is best to learn from the experience and mistakes of others.

    Do not try to run or even skip any lesson. 

    This is why every part of life is necessary.
    Every part of life's twists and turns are necessary and important. Just like in the movies or the novel you skipped. You'd have to go back a few pages or probably a few scenes to be able to understand what transpired.

    The same with life, but unlike in the novels, and movies, it would have been better if you had seen it through every phase and not try to skip or fast-forward.

    Not every part of life is so pleasant. Consider it this way, you're preparing a meal. Would you want to skip any process knowing fully well it'd affect the dish?

    The Turning point of a man's Life.

    Have you ever carried a burden so heavy it weighed your spirit, soul and body down?

    Then you understand what a simple act of kindness can do.

    Words cost nothing but everything. They leave scars so terrible you'd wonder if they would ever heal. That moment when you feel it's over, and you can't go on, when you are so lost, and you've given.

    It could be a time when you believe you have nothing to offer and all you could ever be was your flaws or it could be a period when you're lost on whom you are.

    I remember how that day came, it changed it all for me. Just a little act of kindness, a listening ear and a soothing word made me realize how valued I am and would always be.

    We go through dark days and tough times but that turning point for someone else could be you placing their needs above yours. Does that sound impossible?

    I doubt if it is. A person's miracle could be you understanding how lost he or she was. Many a time we think a word or two might be the answer but remember silence is golden because it speaks volumes.

    That turning point could be a smile, just a smile. The magic words? How about a simple thank you to the janitor that cleans your office every morning or that gate keeper that has been so diligent in his duty?.

    How about we stop focusing on us and see the world around us so in need of love that we can give?

    We think so much of what we need that we forget what need we can meet. You think it's hard? It's not. Why don't we take the microscope off ourselves and help the world get back into place.

    How about you take your phone and send an appreciation message to that amazing friend of yours that has always stayed by you. Why don't you take out time to love that person with their flaws so evident. For a change, stop seeing the buts and love who they are for them.

    Why don't you be the significant change in someone's life, and thus create history while still living?. Why don't you make an intentional and conscious effort to love not just in words but in actions.

    We all want, but are we ready to give? Are we ready to do all it takes to have that significant change?


    Let us be grateful for all that we have, we should love the people around us, appreciate even their flaws, Let's understand them and Let's listen to them.
    Lastly, this is why it is important not to skip any process in life. The experience and lessons are the things that shapes and defines us.

    Writer: Abiayi Nmesoomachim

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