The uncertainties of life

A lot of persons have different words to express what human life is about. Some conclude that life is like a race, some agree it’s unfair and unkind, yet some assert life is good, and several other schools of thoughts.

Uncertainty is a doubt, a condition of being without conviction.

The uncertainties of life are like gambling: one try with half probability for success and half probability for failure. The result will determine the reward.

Life is full of Uncertainties. People are doing things everyday playing the dice in their mind. But life is not a gamble. I will get back to that.

Great men and women are those who, despite several Uncertainties took opportunity and obtained a landmark achievement. What helped them?

We read of individuals who, despite their backgrounds and wretchedness built conglomerates and became giants in their field. We’re touched by their impact and draws motivation from their stories.

Do we not hear of those without landmark success huh? That’s part of the mystery of life, no need to know why.
Therefore, uncertainties in the face of anything is certain. But life is not a gamble.

Here’s why and how!
While uncertainties clouds the sky, covers the soil, and mixed with the air, a little faith like a mustard seed is what is required to press forward.

We both know a grain of sand. Now, a little faith like that of a grain of sand is what is required to break-forth.

While uncertainty is being without conviction, faith is an evidence, a conviction in what’s not seen and hasn’t happened physically. Without faith no one can actually make something worthwhile.

Perhaps the most important thing about faith is that every human have a measure of faith needed to triumph.

Faith is the ability to call those things that be not as though they were!
Uncertainties are real, faith is real as well. Which side do you choose?

You were placed in time for a reason.

I believe you were placed in time for a reason. I believe you were placed in time to influence not only your immediate environment, but also the whole world.

Steve Jobs, an icon and a mover of his generation once said, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do think different.”

An average Nigerian believed that being here in Nigeria, and in Africa is the greatest punishment nature had given them!

Do you believe the same?
Or you believe otherwise?

Being wherever you are is not a limit. As a matter of fact, it is a blessing.

Why? Because we have a lot of problems and solving them has riches and wealth therein.
Of course, no one claimed it will be an easy thing to do.

Your skin color is not a limit as well except you believe that you are inferior. I have seen those who believed and assert that, ‘the whites’ are far better than ‘the blacks’
This is erroneous, evil, and inconsistent with what the creator had in mind from the beginning.

Your background is also not a limit whatsoever. If you don’t believe, research the background of all the influential people you know. You were placed in time to be a solution and not a problem.

You were made to be an asset and not a liability.
Let me tell you in brief the story of the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos.

Did you know that Jeff was adopted by his parent?
This is a man who knew not his mother and father, and a man whom his parent thought they do not want!

He is a man whom his parent gave out to free themselves of liabilities!

But today, this is a man that created Amazon Inc., Blue Origins, and so on, worth billions of the United States Dollar.

I’m sure his biological parent would be regretting giving him out just like that.
With all hardship Jeff had to go through, he knows he is placed in time to be a problem solver, and he complained not of his circumstances, but rather took it as an opportunity to fulfill his ministry.

Jeff Bezos story is a fascinating, and also an inspiring one. I know we are here because of a reason. Find that reason and enjoy the exploit.
You were placed right wherever you are for a particular reason and a very good one.

But in all these things one thing is common, and that thing is uncertainty. This itself makes it look like a mystery. This is why you need understand the fact that you were placed in time for a reason.

Writer: IVRC Online

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  1. Amazing ❣️
    I choose faith

  2. Replies
    1. The situations might be disturbing but I believe feeding our Faith instead of Fear would go a long way to solve the problem.