The questions that never ends



Questions that never ends.

I am tired!
I'm tired of complaining. 
I'm tired of saying I'm tired.
Aren't you tired?
Aren't you fed up of feeling caged?
Aren't you tired of feeling exhausted at the break of a new dawn?
Aren't you tired of the questions which no one can understand or provide answers?
Aren't you tired of the confusion?
Aren't you tired of the same routine every day, the same system every year, the same lies told to you but recycled and packaged differently?
No one seems to know it all even when one of us appears to know all, we use our tongues and hands to drag and crush the power, talent, knowledge, ambitions and aspirations of that person.


How can it be attained?
Is it possible?
If one of us is perfect, what essence is RELIGION?
Who made religion?
So many religions, so many beliefs, but which is the true?
Which is the right path to follow?
Which leader says the truth?
Which GOD is true?
If a human is perfect, our various religious beliefs have no meaning.
Do you believe in religion?
I believe in religion because...
I can't say why but I believe in religion.
I believe in GOD.
Can you separate GOD from religion?
Can you serve your GOD without practising religious beliefs?


Questions that never ends!
Question that makes the heart aches.
Questions that opens your mind to different dimensions.

We all have questions on different subjects it can be religion, love, culture, spirituality, money, health or questions on potentials and one's purpose in life. These questions can never stop popping up, and sometimes we won't be able to handle it. In life everything happens for a reason, everything has a connection, the Universe always has something up her sleeves although we get scared, scared of the unknown. Why shouldn't we be scared of something we know nothing of?

The questions will never stop coming, we will continue to feel the confusion and tiredness as long as we breathe, we will get to see and discover things and emotions that will leave a big question mark in our heads.

We can never answer a question with a question we should only search for keys, find a solution, provide an answer, learn, discover and adapt to new things, new feelings and new systems.


To make progress in life you have to go through a process, don't get stuck or wrap your head in the wrong things because of scary questions.

Writer: Blessing Omozele Iyere

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