Drink water from your kitchen tap and be happy

Drink water from your kitchen tap and be happy! 

I watched a movie once and in a particular scene, one of the actors refused to drink water from the kitchen tap. He said "the water from the kitchen tap is not hygienic enough", it was funny to me because I am an African and a Nigerian so it's not a big deal  when I drink water from my kitchen tap and sometimes i even use it for cooking. I wonder why most individuals will say out loud or insinuate with their actions that drinking water from the kitchen tap means I'm poor or dirty.

I am neither poor nor dirty. I drink water from my tap because it's clean to me. It's my choice. I can't afford to buy bottled water every week. I have a budget which I follow up and I'm contented with my kitchen tap water, the fact is that I have running water.

  • Contentment is a neuro-physiological experience of comfort and satisfaction in one's physical state, situation, body and mind.

Are you contented with your available resources or do you strive for more?

It's a fact that  humans will always want more, but you have to learn to be contented with what you have even though you  dream big and always aim for the best. 

Is it right to misplace your priorities because of something you WANT?

Every living soul needs something good, every human that breathes want the best life, sometimes we want the best no matter what it takes, most times we can't separate what we need from what we want. Most of us believe that because Mr. A has it, then it's good or if Mrs. B says it's good then it's automatically good.

You are different, you are unique, extraordinary, you have potential and a purpose which is different from that of Mr C and Miss D,

why should you crave for what they have?

Why should you feel bad because you drink water from your kitchen tap?

Why should you be upset at your self because you use an android phone or still drive an old crappy car or live in a one-bedroom apartment?

Why are you angry at your self because you can't buy that designer dress or go for that vacation?

Before you worry yourself and get depressed over things you desire but can't afford and you think your peers or friends have it all, there are questions you should ponder on, questions like;

Where did she/he get the money from?    Can't I work hard and get things I need?      Do I really need it?                                          

Is it a mere desire or a necessity?

Be contented with what you have, it's not an easy task but you can try. Nothing good comes easy. We are created and blessed with different capacities, abilities and talent, use your eyes, ears, mouth, hands and legs to work, proclaim with your words in faith what you desire and if you work truly it will come to you.

Drink water from your kitchen tap and be happy because there is nothing wrong with it, it's your choice and if you think there is something wrong with it then buy bottled water even if you can't afford it at that time then you shouldn't get  worked up or stressed out. Hear people's opinion, listen to advice but don't live your life or make choices based on the personal views of people. Don't elevate someone else's opinion of being a judge over your life and daily activities.

We are made differently for a reason, and we come from different backgrounds. So why do you worry when you don't have that phone, house, contract, job or car today? Why should you get depressed or have anxiety when you feel you are going down or at a stagnant position in life all because you have created a mental picture of the luxurious life your "mates" are living. Please Stop hurting yourself.

You have clean running water yet someone else has nothing to drink, don't take what you have available for granted because it might be an opportunity or a blessing to someone else.

Drink water from your kitchen tap and be happy!

Writer: Blessing Omozele Iyere

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  1. This is amazing....
    I believe that no body can make us feel bad/inferior except we give them the permission to do so.

  2. This is a beautiful piece. I like the method in which the writer used to express her view.

  3. I've always admired your creative use of words. You always keep my eyes open and my mind running from pictures to pictures while reading or listening to your speech.

  4. This is a really nice article.
    I got all introspective while reading it☺️☺️

  5. This is a fantastic article full of positive messages. Great job