This is why education is the best Gift for you


    Assuming, two men Mr. A and Mr. B were viewing the letter, "W from the north and South Pole respectively, it's certain they would get different letters entirely; the person viewing it from the North Pole (Mr. A) would see the letter as M while the person viewing it from the South Pole (Mr. B) would see the letter as W and they would disagree on their result when asked about the letter viewed.

    Does this mean their result is not correct?

    Well, their result is actually correct based on the area or pole of viewing the letter but if they swap their poles i.e Mr. A using the South Pole and Mr. B using the North Pole, I guess they would be able to arrive at some more realistic conclusion.

    With the illustration given, you might want to conclude that School is scam in a way but, it's good we know that a school is an academic institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of scholars or students based on the influence of teachers.

    The definition shows that school is helpful as it allows and enhance the widening of one's knowledge on things. School's impact on students can't be swept under the carpet with the fact that a lot of people's life, and way of reasoning has been changed as a result of their schooling.

    Although, there are some factors or things that can make someone continue to acclaim the slang and one of the factors is the person's environment.

    School na scam - a nigerian slang

    There is a Nigeria slang that says, "school na scam and this has made a lot of youths to believe there is nothing tangible attached to schooling in the country.

    Well it's possible they have some reasons for saying so.
    Nevertheless, their reasons may be right or wrong depending on some factors.

    Environment as a major factor:

    The area you grow has a lot of impacts on your mentality, the people you surround yourself with; go out with, go to, comes to you, that you usually listen to, has their own way of influencing the way you think. Let's look at this scenario:

    When a child is growing he has nothing in his brain but as he start hearing the language from people around he picks up and as time goes by, he learns from it.

    If you migrate with that child, you will notice that the change of environment will actually affect his way of doing things. His mentally will be different from that of the previous environment.

    It is obvious that we have many mediocre as youth. The youth in stardom are not giving impact of good knowledge by flashing their achievement, and young people seeing that will want those things at all costs forgetting the knowledge of success being a step-by-step process. Some even believe that school cannot make them succeed.

    Some youth's environment has made them to resist the urge for knowledge, hence they seek a peripheral understanding. In other words, they want to succeed without knowledge. They seek success without realizing that success is achieved through power; power is developed through organized and intelligently directed knowledge.

    Do not get me wrong, success is good but knowledge is its power, knowledge is its guide, knowledge is the proof for growth, knowledge is the real experience required for lasting success.

    If you lack good knowledge of where you are, where you are going and anything then you are among the most miserable people. The things you know will guide you, the things you know will save you, the problem you do not have knowledge about, you can't provide its solution. Problem known is half solved!

    Education help us to lay some foundation which we can build on. You will see some people talking about Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other successful individuals not attending school without getting good knowledge about them and also knowing how these people use their daily 86,400 seconds.

    We also need to seek understanding also. Understanding is the real communication not just language. I might be speaking same language with you but we might not be in agreement because we lack understanding, the major nature of agreement is the word understanding.

    Omoniyi Gideon says, "Understanding is the base of successful knowledge.
    The things you understand, you can easily handle.

    School serve as a place where we engage in pedagogy and so no, matter the environment you found yourself in, no matter the Education system of your country. Build on the foundation you have gotten from school and make yourself relevant, get knowledge, Understanding and evaluating experiences that would make you become your best self.

    Why Education is not scam

    Albert Einstein once said:
    Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    Einstein's quote remind us that we should never measure ourselves against inappropriate standards. This is what school does, Students are made to compete to get an A. (A letter that represent excellence in their grade.)

    The students that get an A  are seen as the good students, they are called geniuses. The students that get other letters are called average or non-serious.

    In reality, going to school does not make anybody a genius, the fact that someone passed through school does not make that person a genius.

    Education often requires the guidance of educators, although learners can also educate themselves. Education is an extremely important and should not be taken for granted. A good education will make you a genius in life.

    On the other hand school is an educational Institution designed to provide learning spaces and environments for the teaching of students or pupils under the direction of teachers.

    The definition of School above, and the definition of some school proprietors are contrary to each other. Some proprietors only see School as a means to make money from students that looking forward to learning.

    They want the best students but will not employ the right teachers or provide funds to establish quality facilities for learning, they do not provide essential learning equipment and materials. In Some Schools there are no labs, no microscopes, no skeletons for the science students to carry out practicals. 

    There are no artistic galleries for the art students, no art shop. The School Boards do not allow its students go on excursions. Not for safety reasons but because Its board of directors does not want to spend for Its students to have wonderful learning experience.

    The budgets of research and education by the Federal government here in Nigeria is even more alarming and this as lead to some unpalatable things happening in the education sector of this great nation.

    It's no surprise anymore to hear about teachers or lecturers improving students grades for sex or for money. On the news we will hear about School buildings collapsing, we hear about teachers that have beaten students to death or teachers fighting with proprietors.

    The actual definition of school shows us there is a good intention but good intentions do not really matter if they do not lead to good actions.

    Is it possible that School has done more harm than good?

    School will always be seen as an institution designed to provide learning. School is not scam, it is mentality of the students, the owners, the minister of education that can be phonied. So as a student, despite the standard of the school environment you find yourself in, do not lower your guard, do not let it limit your ability to think, work hard so that you can put yourself in a position to make good changes.

    As a School Proprietor, you should be eager to put the interest of your students first. Do your part, pay your staffs when their salary is due.
    The Staffs in the Ministry of Education in any Nation should do their part. They know what to do.


    School should not just be a building, It can be an experience. Students should be allowed to visit museums, Airports, Banks. So that, they can see the wide variety of a possible future.

    • School is not scam, our mentality towards school and formal education is what can be phonied.
    • As a Student, The School Environment you find yourself in should not limit you. Be the best of version of yourself, work hard.

    Writers: Omoregha Peter & Ubani eric

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    1. Thanks for the enligthment... A lot of youths need to change their mentality.

    2. Education is not scam
      Getting knowledge is not scam but I don't know about the Nigeria schooling system

      1. There is no system of education that is scam but people are scam, because if people who are scam inclined handles a system, definitely it will be a scam...most people who handles the system wants to succeed without adding value to people under the system that's when it become a scam...every system handler needs to add value to the people in which the system is for...according to Albert Einstein he said be a man of value instead of man of success... Value is the goal of every system and without value then it is a scam..

        I am ominyi Gideon