A person of value is a Doer


    Life consists of several types of people. There are three types of persons in life: the spectator, the observer and the doer.

    Using a football stadium filled with several individuals to grace their favorite match as an example.

    THE ANALOGY - There are three categories of people in the stadium.

    ☑ There are those who are spectators.

    Spectators may be fans, onlookers, fun catchers, etc. these are those type of people who are present to only speculate, to see the sport, to cheer their clubs, etc.
    Spectators do not perform any action, but usually spend money to see the match live.

    The second type of people in the stadium are the analysts.

    These analysts are present with purpose of analyzing the match, the player, the spectators, etc.
    Unlike the spectators, the analysts are conscious of the action of everyone in the stadium. However, they do not perform any action.

    The third category of people in the stadium are the players, team members, referees, line-men’s and coaches.

    These are the doers.
    The players are on the pitch playing with the aim to win.
    The team members are putting all things together to help the team win.

    The coaches are the strategists, pacing up and down directing the players.
    The referee and line-men’s are running helter-skelter to ensure fair play and to keep orders.
    These are the doers in the stadium. The ones who engage themselves productively and toward a goal.

    Also in life, there are spectators. The spectators live life like spectators in the football stadium. They perform no action but to always follow along.

    The spectators in life are those who accept the status quo, and refuses to do anything to improve themselves. They merely see what’s happening, they know something is happening, they know some are performing some action, but they believe they can’t, and they don’t.

    Also in life there are the analysts, not as a profession but as a way of life. There are those who can analyze a particular person to a great precision. They can point out flaws, errors, mistakes and several other things from others, but they themselves do not, and may not be able to do what that person is doing.

    They can argue and very good at pointing accusing fingers, especially to the government for their predicament. They can analyze how Bill Gate’s foundation intends to experiment with Africans (Laughs).
    While they themselves are in need and aren’t taking actions.

    The other category of people in life, like in the stadium are the doers. These are the trail blazers, the ones who make things happen, the innovators, the change makers, etc.
    These are the set of people who challenge the status quo and improve on it or create a new paradigm.
    The doer is one who performs a specific action.

    While the spectator just applause the action carried out by the doer, the observer analyze and critique them.
    From the classifications, my eyes are opened to another two sets of individuals that constitute the former list. These are the people who are of value and those who are of no value.

    Why you should be a person of value to the society.

    In the arena of life, every person is quantified by the value added, either to himself, others or the society. Even in events, there are (Very Important Personnel) — VIPs, and regular regarding seat arrangement and benefits.

    What is Value? Consider the two definitions below:

    • Value is the quality (positive or negative) that renders someone or something desirable.
    • Value is the degree of importance given to someone or something.
    I believe that the above definitions have done certain justifications about what Value is!

    Therefore, a person of value is a person that’s important to the human race. A person of value is a person that seeks development for himself and his immediate community.
    A person of value needs not be popular, but a person whose influence has been felt by some lives.

    He is someone whose others give thanks to God for, for the positive impacts felt.
    As the second definition suggests that value is a degree of importance given to someone or something, this implies that one person or thing can be more valuable than other. For example, in Africa today, no one can forget who Nelson Mandela was, especially the South Africans. He was like a savior to his generation, and brought about sustainable change and development to his countrymen and Africa at large.

    Before a person can have such impact on his generation and can become a person of Value, there are some certain steps, I’ll be suggesting.

    The process of becoming valuable is not a very smooth one. The road is rough, lengthy, and tough. Apart from the fact that Mandela had to spend his adult years (27years) in prison, he also kept himself mentally fit by reading of books, learning from mentors and staying focus to the change he was thinking of.

    In other words to have influence and mark on our generation calls for value and excellence. This implies that the surrounding people, and the world at large are in desperate need of the values you possess.
    To communicate these values then is to first understand what we carry as an individual. This requires extensive research on our potentials, abilities and God given visions.

    In each persons is a deposit of potentials and abilities. They are like mineral resources, patiently waiting for exploitation and refineries. It is usage of these resources that bring about the value I’m talking about.
    A person of value is always esteemed and will never be rejected. Just like I gave an example of a VIP and a regular.
    These people need not have all qualifications to be valued, but they’re valued based on the result they get.

    Technically, a person is valued based on the result he gets. No one cares about someone who talks a lot about what he is engaged in without substantial result to back it up. The world listens to anyone who cares to get result.

    In the business world, when a company is considering laying off workers, they do not just go over the staff lists, but rather identified those of little or no values and lay them off. They consider them as a liability for the company as they probably do not add anything significant to the company.


    A person of value can never be laid off, and a person of value cannot be out of job.
    Seek to become a person of value and the doer you’re created to become. The world is waiting to meet the real YOU!

    Which are you?
    It is God’s will for you to be a person of value and a doer, not a spectator, analyst or an individual without value!

    Writer: IVRC Online

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