Deliverance From Ignorance

Have you ever met an ignorant person before? Perhaps you don’t understand the question. 

Making it simpler: have you ever met someone who is ignorant of his finance?

I believe you’ll understand the question much better than the first one. 


    The concept of ignorance is one that many people have talked about. This makes the topic more subjective. The part this article will cover is the deliverance from any form of ignorance.

    Ignorance: Some people have said that ignorance is a disease while some might not agree to the school of thought.

    When you’re uninformed or uneducated about a particular subject, then you are ignorant of such.
    Prior to some fundamental beliefs, ignorance is not as a result of not getting formal education or schooling. Rather, ignorance is only a condition of not being informed. 

    For example, did you know that God is love? Perhaps you know, or you don’t. I just informed you.
    Technically, everyone is ignorant of areas he did not give time to study. 

    Albert Einstein got Nobel Laureate in Physics, he was a guru, but can he answer questions in financial accounting? Definitely, he was ignorant of the subject despite his high accomplishments in physics.

    My point is that everyone is ignorant of some things, some very high and some moderate. Ignorance is a condition.

    Certain actions that can save you from ignorance

    So how can one be delivered from ignorance?
    Although, there is no full deliverance from ignorance due to our ability to retain knowledge and understanding. It is only God who knows everything and is ignorant of nothing, and neither can anything happen without His knowledge.

    Therefore, to bridge some gaps of our ignorance level, some certain actions, but not limited, to the ones I’ll list here are important:

    1. Read broad and wide. If you are a student in a department, read materials from other departments to keep yourself informed. The more you know on any subject, the more you can exploit it.
    2. Make friends with people in other discipline. These friends can inform you of their discipline to keep you updated.
    3. Read anything that comes your way, even if you only have to read little.
    4. Know something, at least little about everything.
    5. Leave your comfort zone.

    Why it is important you leave your comfort zone.

    The best convenient place everyone wants to be always is his or her comfort zone. This is a place of extreme convenience.

    No stress, no disturbance and no care about what’s happening outside the zone.
    Consider the comfort zone as a box, or any other thing with a four corner.

    Everyone has a box in which we all do certain activities from. However, our boxes are quite different from each other, and some can go outside the box to do certain activities as they see fit.

    The comfort zone is a limiting zone that provides sense of limitation and the feeling that “I don’t have to do anything that will not convenient me.”

    A person that thrives in her or his comfort zone alone will have little or nothing. This is because our initial boxes from onset are so small such that we won’t be able to stretch out our body.

    The comfort zone is a mental state of satisfaction and convenience. In other words, it’s a cage which one with the help of his or her mind put himself.
    It is important to know that one can set boundaries for himself as a result of his thinking, and this constitutes of the comfort zone.

    In the comfort zone, no one wants to do anything. It’s a state of laziness and slothfulness. I have seen some people that after describing what they wanted from life, I knew that they were speaking from their comfort zone.

    No one attain a great height from his comfort zone. Great achievers are those who know-how to go out of their comfort zone to a state of great discomfort.

    Consider a footballer, or any athletes you know that has reached a certain height. Let's say Christiano Ronaldo.

    Ronaldo does not attain his current achievement in his comfort zone, he certainly defiled the zone and can do better outside the zone.

    No one in sport is convenient in their comfort zone. They are all striving, putting in hard work, thousands of hours into practice to improve their skills.

    As I mentioned earlier, no one can attain a great height in his or her comfort zone. If you are in that zone already, it is time to get up. Arise! And go after whatever you desire outside of your comfort and convenience.


    In conclusion, getting delivered from ignorance takes time, but it’s worth the time and effort. The cost of ignorance is high, as it can lead to termination of life, poverty, sickness, etc.

    Someone once said,
    if you think knowledge is costly, try ignorance”

    Writer: IVRC Online

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    1. Thanks for the insight.

      1. Yes oooo
        Real scholars explore beyond their main field.

        Isaac Newton for example was a mathematician, physicist, economist, and geographer ����

    2. Also watch informative movies, documentaries. Scientia Potentia Est. Knowledge Is Strength.
      Thanks for this article

      1. Yes, Ricky.

        There are tons of informative movies out there. Some movies are real life stories of what happened before.

        Such movies and documentaries will help the mind to develop more and more.

        The knowledge of a wise man makes his face shine😊. Knowledge is strength.

    3. I like this....
      A lot of people believe that reading outside your course of study or department is not beneficial to individuals but I guess this would open their eye.

      1. Exactly. It is as you said, many believed reading outside their course is a waste of time and effort as it won't reflect in their grade.

        However, it will reflect in their intellect. Great scholars are those who took the pain to read across discipline.

    4. This is a beautiful piece