The pressure to be productive

Do you have to be productive with your time all the time?

Are you engrossed with the thought that every second, every minute, every hour and every day of your life must be productive?

In life, you must have a direction, a life plan, a dream because your time is valuable but sometimes you need to take a break to observe and reflect about things happening in and around you, you need to chill.


Permit me to say that the pandemic brought out a lot of hidden talents, with the free time available things just had to pop up and discoveries were made. I'm sure you learnt a few things about yourself and the people around you, you realize you have no control over certain things so you have to make haste while the sun shines. 

Have you ever engaged in a discussion with a friend and felt you were just wasting time especially when they tell you about their latest achievement and recognition?

They tell you "I participated recently in a webinar and it was mind-blowing", "I just got an online job", "I am a podcaster now or I am a writer".

Do you think these are not achievements?

They are, because to someone who sleeps, wakes up, eat and sleeps again or to someone who is being questioned daily by his/her parents, guardians and friends what they have achieved so far with the free time available, it means a great deal.

It is not jealousy or envy but all of a sudden you begin to pressure yourself to be productive all the time and because of that self-inflicted pressure to achieve something and probably tell your friends and post on social media you step out of your boundaries, you exceed your limits and it's not for a good cause because you are not doing it for YOU but for THEM and social media.

All of a sudden your friends are doing "great things" and you are doing nothing. 

The Pressure to be productive!

If you are still finding your self, trying to understand your potential, trying to know who you truly are and what you are made of, then it's okay not to be productive with your time all the time. You are spending time Discovering yourself and this is great because not everyone knows who they are and what they want, they participate in everything and anything for no valid reason. It's okay to relax, to recharge yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, it's okay to reboot, it's okay to take a chill pill.

You don't have nine lives, why do you over-task your self mentally, don't mount pressure on yourself all the time. Know your priorities and set it right, know your limits and still have fun. If you are putting yourself in a box, you will break down because no matter how bad you want to achieve a goal or be productive with every second of your time, if you are forcing your body or brain, it won't come out as expected.

It's funny how I used to feel bad because I thought I wasn't achieving anything, I felt I was occupying space and wasting time. I used to feel that way because I wasn't doing what every other person was doing but right now I know better. I am uniquely designed and different and I am working on myself.

I thank GOD daily because I  have come to realize we all have our different paths and time.

I want you to keep this in mind because you feel or even see that your friends are doing something crazy and worthwhile and you are not, does not mean you are a time-waster, an unserious student, a confused human and bad friend, you have moments, you have Blessings all around you and sometimes you need to slow down to recognize this and be grateful.

Take a chill pill and be happy for everyone that is doing well and use it as a positive motivation for yourself, don't feel bad or useless because you only hurt yourself and your future.

Don't pressurize yourself to be productive and end up doing the wrong things.

I believe good things take time, be patient, pray and work accordingly to God's time and grace in your life.

Writer: Blessing Omozele Iyere

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  1. Don't pressurize yourself to be productive and end up doing the wrong things.
    I believe good things take time, be patient, pray and work accordingly to God's time and grace in your life.

    That above is my take away.
    Thank you for the breakfast. ♥

  2. We are all created to follow different path with God's intention to see that we achieve one goal
    This is one real article and very timely
    Nice one sir

    1. I'm a lady. (The writer) Thank you and get ready for more deep and inspiring articles.

  3. "Don't let social media influence you".... That's a good one to take away.

    Thanks Omozele_jo

    1. You are very welcome. Remember that social media can BREAK or MAKE you. It's all a choice.

  4. This is nice and helpful in this era.