Silent Battles


Do you care?

You sent lovely flowers to her gravestone but couldn't send flowers to her when it was her birthday.

You wrote a long epistle of how wonderful he was but you couldn't call him when he was in the hospital.

You tell me how generous and good she was to you but you walked past her when you met at the grocery store or market.

You posted on social media how depressed and miserable you were after the news of his death.

You questioned GOD!

You asked Death why it took away a good soul. you say she had a good soul.

After weeks you forget all about it, of course, you should, you are human and you need to move on.


You repeat the circle, you ignore them when they are alive and love them more when a sad event occurs in their lives and when they are gone.

Hypocrisy, Aren't we all hypocrites?

I probably do this too. I am not perfect although I'm not trying to justify this action. I will feel bad if something sad occurs in your life because nobody should go through pain.

I haven't seen life in all its forms but I have felt pain. 

Is it the way we are designed or is it the little habits we pick up? The little bad habits we can't stop or ignore.

Humans, you can never fully predict the behaviour, you can never know what dwells deep down in their heart, you can never know what they go through.

The silent battles, we only see the victory, or did we decide to close our eyes, heart and soul to the silent battles of one and open them when they shout their victorious songs.

We all have our silent battles and most times life gives us more than we can handle.

We are first Humans with feelings before gender or sexuality and we go through different struggles and have different stories to tell.

Do you care to listen to her story?

Do you care to stand with him in his struggle?

Do you care for yourself?

Do we care?

We have silent battles, something we are struggling with and can't air out, something that makes us worry to the point of depression or anxiety and in most situations that requires help but we refuse to acknowledge it.

You are not alone, you are not the only one struggling, confused and lost. Every single living soul on earth has his or her share of problems and most people get more than they can handle but yet they smile and move on. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to let your battle overcome you in every way, to drown in your ocean of pain.

Fight to the very end, seek help if you can't go on with the battle, care for your self and the people around you genuinely. Learn to care, it is your victory.

Writer: Blessing Omozele Iyere

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  1. Having silent battles still doesn't stop one from reaching out to others, to check up on them, to show care once in a while. You can never tell amongst the people you're reaching out to, one of them them could help with your battles!

    Noted! Always try to reach out to people and show care no matter how little it is.
    Nice one 👍

  2. I can't let my battle overcome me...
    That line caught me.
    Thanks alot for something like this.