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I feel like we love to count our losses more than our wins in this amazing country of ours. This is why silly hashtags like #[email protected] can trend. 

It is silly to me because it feels like we've achieved quite a number feats. We've progressed, a bit slow, but progress is progress nonetheless. We may not be where we want (we definitely aren't) but we are NOT where we used to be as a Nation and even as individuals.

This post is really just to rant. A lot of people may not agree with me, but that's okay because we can't all be the same and share the same views and opinions. 

Yes, it is hard to love your country after a harsh day at work, battling traffic caused by the same officials who are supposed to keep the law and order, And also the crazy  drivers, conductors or touts bound by no law whatsoever and all other unique types of craziness you encounter on the streets of an ever fast city like Lagos. 

It is hard to possess any form of affection for a country where injustices happen everyday in every single form, where it seems all the forces of nature combine to work against all your dreams, aspirations and hopes.

It is hard, i get that it is. But I feel like no matter what, we are a RESILIENT people. We push forward no matter the odds (and they're so many, to be honest!). 

It is amazing how we manage to "catch cruise" no matter what we may be going through. We  haven't been dealt the best cards in this country, but we have managed to keep making a name for ourselves.

Even if the basic amenities are not in place for us, as they should be, we create avenues to survive no matter what. If asked what should be celebrated on this day (Independence day), I wouldn't say the country. 

No, I'd say the people. The spirit of the Nigerian people, It is strong, It is consistent despite challenges and trials, It pushes through limitations always. In my humble opinion, we have a lot of important things to be grateful for. But I guess we tend to get blinded by seemingly "greener pastures".

How about I list some of these things?

  • The successful fight against COVID-19, when the whole world thought we would be extinct. We survived, albeit difficult, even without the government giving us funds. Other countries provided their citizens with something to be able to cope with COVID but we did it on our own. We didn't have as much deaths as other countries, which would have totally crippled our economy and the nation itself.
  • Lately we've been voting beyond party lines. Voting for personality and reputation. Despite the obvious facts that some of these elections are not transparent, our voices are now being heard. Despite mismanagement & corruption, economic recessions, pandemic(s) and even doom prophecies, we are still united marching towards greater heights. We are beginning to hold our leaders accountable and not accepting just whatever it is that they feed us with.
  • I will go back to talking about COVID-19 Pandemic. Because that was such a powerful and integral part of the year. We should be grateful that the virus did not consume us. We were DEFENCELESS. Nigeria had nothing to fight COVID-19 had there been a massive outbreak. Even though the fact we were "defenceless" is nothing to write home about, we did survive it. Can we just try to remember that?

I could go on (maybe not forever, but for a while) but I hope you're getting my point now. I'm not exactly asking you to agree with me, but just pointing out the obvious. The basic may be a mess and totally not thriving (e.g Agriculture, Education, Power, Transportation, e.t.c), but our Entertainment sector is  A WHOLE LOT. I am a lover of music and all things entertainment and I have looked at the facts. We are definitely not where we used to be in that sector 60 years ago. We are advancing just as the world is advancing. Sounds like such a trivial thing, but excuse me for wanting to count our "wins" no matter how small and unimportant they may seem. 

Did I  forget to mention that we're not as heavily taxed like the already developed countries we keep comparing ourselves to?
To be honest, no matter how people underrate the country, it doesn't stop it from existing and us pushing forward as a people.

I said I wouldn't celebrate the country but the people, If asked. But then, what makes up a Nation if not the people? We are Nigeria. If we can celebrate ourselves, then we can celebrate Nigeria. You can't build a nation with so much negativity, and negativity is all that seems to be in the air as we celebrate 60 years of being independent - Negativity, bitterness, and no hope whatsoever. 

Despite experiencing the weakest President in our history - in my candid opinion- despite the hyperinflation, unemployment, and the pandemic, people still smile.
The late, legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti called it "Suffering and Smiling". A phrase that many of us still use till date. 

Even with all the unseen forces disturbing the peace of this Nation via security challenges, we are still standing as one. Not where we want to be as a Nation really, but the fact that we still stand means there's hope and room for improvement in EVERY aspect of our great nation.

My friends say I'm too positive sometimes. "Positive to a fault" even. Maybe that's why I have these thoughts and opinions. Maybe that's why I have this much hope for our country. Being bitter, negative and always complaining will change ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We can and wiil be better. 

It will just take extra efforts on all our parts. That can get tiring, yes. But it will be worth it at the end We can do better than just complaining in places where our voices can't be heard. 

What exactly that "better" is, we may not know yet. But we surely have at least a few things to be thankful for #[email protected]. Let's keep that in mind.
God bless the great people of Nigeria! God bless Nigeria our dear country!

Please let me know what you think in the comment box.
Love to hear your thoughts.

Writer: Abiayi Angel .N

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  1. No matter what, I'm proud to be a Nigerian, the country is still in choas but e go better.

  2. Proudly Nigerian all day, every day! These are facts. We should glory in our little wins, they matter. Beautiful article as always!

  3. Wonderful piece. Thank you for reminding of our blessings, in a time when we mostly remember our losses. We need more of this. Thanks A ����

  4. With more people like you Nigeria as a country won't fail, that i promise.

  5. This is really nice... People need to celebrate themselves despite the odds.

  6. This country is really blessed... We need to start celebrating ourselves so that we can overcome bad leadership.