The mind and it's power

We are what we think of. We are what we occupy our minds with. To some, these statements may sound far-fetched, probably because they have not learnt or realised the power of this thing called THE MIND.

Success comes to those individuals who are cognizant/aware of it. Failure also comes to the individuals who permit themselves to indifferently become aware of it, all through the things they let into their minds. 

I say indifferently, because the thoughts of failure comes to everybody, but it takes one who has realised the power and ability of the mind, to actually block these thoughts and not allow them become part of the subconscious. Literally “Nipping it in the bud”. 

Unfathomable is the power of the mind (although, dare I say that the majority of us do not realise this).

The presence of negative thoughts in the human mind, through the science of the brain, sets up a kind of “poison" that may wreck one's feeling of judgement. 

At the point when any negative thought introduces itself in your mind, it can definitely be transformed to a positive one by just doing something or the other to change the thought.

Sometimes though, we prefer to sink in the dark abyss that are our negative thoughts. It may seem easier than actually confronting what exactly bothers us at that moment, facing it squarely, and turning these thoughts around to more uplifting stuff.

Think sad stuff all the time? You may not realise it, but your outlook on life slowly becomes glum, melancholy and depressed. It is also reflected on your facial expression. It becomes part of you till you're one really sad person, all the while probably thinking "My life seems to be going so good, why do I still feel sad?".

Of course, it is as a result of the things that you have allowed into your mind. It takes one with strong willpower to realise this if it's already happening and change the narrative. It has been said that if you can control your mind, then you can control every other thing.

In the event that we should be reckless with any of our possessions, let it be regarding material things. Our minds are some sort of temple, hence, it should be treated as such I.e with reverence and care for what we let into it. We were given WILLPOWER for this reason.

Controlling the mind and the thoughts within is an outcome of self-discipline and habit. A lot of it. You have to want to exercise this control and actually do it. You either control the thoughts in your mind or they control you. There is no compromise halfway.

Genuinely, thoughts are things and amazing things at that. When the poet W.C Henly wrote “I am the Master of my Fate, the Captain of my Soul” he should probably have informed us that this statement was made because we have the ability to control the things we let into our minds, hence, controlling our thoughts. But being just a poet and not a philosopher or anything of the sort, he left it at that for people to decipher and discover for themselves.

All things, whether great or small, positive or negative, begin in the form of thought. We need to realise this and watch what we “ingest” into our amazing and powerful minds. The mind is a magnet. If you think of blessings, you attract blessings. If you think of problems, you attract them too. Always cultivate good thoughts and remain positive.

Writer: Abiayi Angel .N

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  1. The mind is very powerful. I guess a lot of people don't know that every thought we put into the mind have the ability to attract it's physical equivalent.
    Thanks for writing this.

  2. The mind and it's Power!
    This is an amazing article.

  3. This is powerful, just like our minds. It also changes our outlook on life as a whole. Positivity never hurt anybody.
    Wonderful article as always!

    1. POSITIVITY NEVER HURT ANYBODY. Exactly. You get the point.
      Thank you for reading always too!

  4. This is a beautiful piece, I must confess. The human mind is powerful.