The strength of a woman

Man was created first, but there was no way he could live alone and survive, he needed a mate. A woman is a man with a womb, but a different kind of man; a man with stronger emotional connections, a man with underutilized strength, a man without any physical things, hence, the saying,
"what a man can do a woman can do better".


    A man needed by a man to bring forth another man. The woman is a creature capable of so many things that we are yet to discover. 

    Upon creation, so many plans were put in place for the woman much as the man. She was originally orchestrated to he a help-meet, a support system, a shoulder to lean on and most importantly a channel for procreation. In a woman lies the power to change a lot; from the family to society, society to state of the nation.

    some women who have enacted massive change during their times

    Glancing through the history book, I'm reminded of some women who have enacted massive change during their times:

    1. Angela Merkel (iron lady of Germany),
    2. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (first female president of Liberia)
    3. Chimamanda Adichie (profound Nigerian author)
    4. Michelle Obama (first black lady of U.S.A)
    5. Harriet Tubman (the great abolitionist who led the mission for the liberation of hundreds of slaves) etc.

    Sadly the turn of events is disheartening and discouraging. The system in place has not given the average woman much to do or fight for. We rarely see women in positions of power and that is very rampant in the African setting; the few ones that have managed to get there end up mixed in one scandal or the other hence their impeachment. 

    The common excuse for the non-involvement of women in politics is their emotional sentiment regarding decision-making of which I feel has more advantage than disadvantage.

    The Holy book cites an example of a weeping child and the mother having to deny the child milk. How possible is that?
    Another is said of the mother taking the food meant for the child and giving it to dogs?
    The point is glaring.

    The idea of men being at the helm of affairs more is quite unbalanced on the gender scale, and we have to stop using women as a medium to satisfy our selfish ambitions, and let's begin to put them at the forefront of some delicate issues.

    Society has chosen to objectify women as sex objects and erotic tools as well as baby making factories. The motherly instinct they posses can be utilized to highly influence decision-making as they are known to fully consider their options and possible outcomes before diving in. Men on the other hand are impulsive in decision-making and that is negatively risky.

    Theories of the Modern-day about women includes:

    1. Women are nothing more than sex objects as portrayed in music videos, movies, and pictures.
    2. Women are only needed to gratify our sexual desires
    3. A woman's place is in the kitchen, the other room, labor room, etc.
    4. Women are not allowed to dream, no right to political power, have no say concerning the affairs of the society.

    I write to tell you that all those notions are totally wrong, null, and void. This is why we need to empower women for a change in our African metropolis.

    Women are just what we need, the change we desire could be in them, the paradigm shift, the change in the status quo, a great era to look forward to.

    Again I refer to the Holy book where I recall events that took drastic turns because a woman was involved. Talk about Esther, Deborah, Mary, Ruth, Naomi, Rebekah, Rachel to mention a few.

    It is time to give women the opportunity to use their motherly instincts (which is very reliable) to resolve Modern-day issues. 

    It is pertinent to know that these women go through the second most painful experience a human could possibly go through (childbirth with been burnt alive taking the number one spot) and they are the only gender that has the mental power, resolve and strength to go through such.

    After all these pain, an inexplicable bond is established between mother and child resulting to a sense of responsibility and commitment. As much as men are given roles to play, women shouldn't be neglected.
    The strength of a woman cannot be overemphasized even as I mentally listen to a song of the same title by the famous blues star, Shaggy.
    PS: I am not a feminist.

    Empowering women for a change in our African Metropolis.

    Right from the beginning women have been restricted to the kitchen and the bedroom. In our present world there are still a lot of stereotypes and beliefs about the ability, strength, intellectual, and emotional intelligence of our women.

    Our women are life, nature, hope and nurturing. They were created to help out and be a light. One outstanding and distinguishing trait of our women is their instincts.

    A lot of people differ on the opinion of empowering our women, but I believe and know that empowering both the privileged and less privileged women to realize their worth, break through their limitscome out of their shell is worth the risk.

    Surprisingly enough I noticed those rural areas we try to differentiate ourselves from are so similar to the women we do not empower, just like gold in need of refining our women without empowering are such, incapacitated, hopeless, helpless, clueless, vulnerable, ignorant, unrecognized, ripped off of its worth dead yet living.

    One of the best stories I love and have read is that of Deborah. She ruled in a land that had no respect for women, yet she was highly revered and recognized, she was looked up to, she was undaunted, relentless, but above all she was self empowered.

    Let's take a look at Florence Nightingale the mother of modern nursing who did not consider her comfort and luxury a plausible excuse to make waste of herself and talent rather she chooses to empower herself and make a difference.

    Should we still be asking, "Why the need? Or, "how should we? humans' weapon is its mind and to empower our women they need to remove the reins on their thinking, lift those limits on their thinking and think wild, wide, and big. so, she starts the empowerment from her thinking.


    Empowerment is not about imposing a way but giving options to the subject. We give them a wide range of opportunities to pick from, they can be anything they choose to be. Be it a seamstress, a doctor, a hairstylist, an economist just name it, but we let them decide for themselves.

    How would it affect our progress as a Metropolis African State ? Firstly, it will create a balance between both genders removing or reducing the limits gender discrimination and stereotypes.

    Also, it will create a wide range of options to pick from. Just imagine a problem arises and among the panelist are both the women, and men, there will be a wide range of solutions and answers to pick from. A wide range of ideas, concerns, and perspectives, a lot of inputs, theories, and contributions.

    It will give our women a source of lively good, a source of income improving their well-being, reducing the rate of poverty and create economic stability.
    These women can be groomed to be future leaders as a result of the empowerment program.

    Writers: Abiayi Nmesoomachim & Abiayi Chinemerem E.

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    1. Wow... This is awesome.

    2. Women are underrated in handling issues especially in Africa and I believe that narrative would change some day.

    3. This is a nice piece. I believe a lot of things can be properly managed by women...

      1. I share the same school of thought,thanks for your kind words.

    4. This is an eye opener... Women need to be empowered!