Why Communicate?

I saw a meme recently that said, "Everybody's 'grown' until it's time to apologize, tell the truth or COMMUNICATE.” (Emphasis on the communication part). And it slapped really hard.

Sometimes we feel, “I don't need to explain myself to anyone” or as we say so often, “I don't need to 'shalaye' “, we end up ignoring things that actually need to be said. I have always said COMMUNICATION IS KEY (sounds like a cliché but I've seen it proved true over and over again).

Communication is the most significant skill to have in ANY relationship - I don't mean just your relationship with your "significant other". Your work relationships, friendships and any other relationship with people in general are what I mean.

The skill of communication permits us to voice our fundamental needs to other people and furthermore gives chances to approach subjects, albeit delicate. 

I don't mean to sound redundant, but it's so crucial to every relationship. It may feel like communication is only about those enormous, profound conversations (sometimes it is, but not always). Actually, it's about keeping up with the easily overlooked details.

I think it's really simple to say that communication is significant in every healthy relationship yet, it is not as easy how to communicate. What's more, in the event that we're never taught how to use this key, how then will we be able to open the door to healthy communication?

Communication is defined as many things (too many, if you ask me) but my favourite definition, and most accurate in my opinion, includes “the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings”.

I usually say I'm a great talker, but I also have to be an equally great listener to be an effective communicator because effective communication is a two-way thing. Communication is basically about expressing yourself in a healthy way, listening to the other person when they are doing the same, and really hearing while absorbing what the other person has to say. 

This clearly shows that it takes more than just one person to communicate healthily, but we must also realise that each person has different styles and needs of communication.

Solid communication styles require practice and hard work. Communication will never be constantly immaculate, yet looking at the things healthy communication can achieve, it merits the effort. Clear communication is required to avoid misunderstandings that may cause feelings like anger, resentment, confusion or hurt. 

All affiliations and relationships have ups and downs, however, a healthy communication style can make it simpler to manage issues and struggles while building a stronger and healthier partnership.

There is no uncertainty or doubt that communication plays an imperative part in human life and society. It doesn't just assist the process of sharing information and knowledge with others, but also helps us develop relationships with others. 

Therefore, the importance of communication cannot ever be underestimated. Effective, healthy communication is something we learn, not something we're born with.

Stay tuned for my next article on tips for effective communication skills!

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Writer: Abiayi Angel .N

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  1. This is really good.
    A lot of people neglect effective communication in their life and they expect results associated with it.

  2. Nice and timely article.
    Thanks for writing.

    1. Glad you think so!
      Thank you for taking time to read too❤

  3. Nice piece
    Most people don't understand that lack of communication is why some of their relationships never work

  4. My point exactly! Communication needs understanding on both parties as well. Communication is key, really key. Beautiful article as always!

  5. True talk... It's a two way thing... It's a skill anyone can learn... Thank you very much for this...

    1. Yes. May take time to learn, but it is worth it.
      You're welcome❤

  6. effectively communicating in any environment, be it work, between friends and family will always yield good results as well as reduce animosity and misunderstandings by a major major percentile. thanks for this beautiful piece 🙌🏼

    1. You're very welcome!
      Thanks for reading too❤❤🙌

  7. Good work baby gurl
    Communication is all we need
    I hope we all understands this
    Thank you

  8. Nicely put. Your thoughts on this subject will influence my way of communication from now on.

  9. This is a beautiful piece.

  10. This is Beautiful, and very true. Wish more people knew this.