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Nothing can be compared with personal growth plan. - Oluwole Omojofodun


The journey through life is not considered smooth and easy. The journey is full of agony, pain, suffering, and hard work. In man’s occupation wandering the corners of the earth, he set different objectives and tasks for himself. Some of his objectives can be to attain financial goal, so he can meet the needs of his immediate family and live big, he can also dream of opening a charity organization which promotes childcare, and fund nursing mothers.

But, all of these things won’t be by default.

Human is the most complex and complicated being created in the creator’s master plan. We have the ability to think, learn and interact. It is with these attributes that man labor in his sweat to build up wealth.

By default, no one can know more than what he or she is exposed to during childhood. That is a period that learning and understanding is mainly dependent on the organs of senses. 

Some scientists claimed that during childhood, the brain is still learning and trying to accumulate more information about the environment, and to figure out patterns for things. 

For example, an adult won’t have to bother about walking any longer, because the brain had already developed a pattern for walking that happened almost immediately and without thinking.

While a kid cannot think and reason deeper about his or her future, an adult on the other hand will not occupy himself or herself with childhood plays all day long, like planning hide-and-seek every now and then.

A child, after some years of transformations and developments will become an adult. However, as an adult, to enjoy other goodies out of life another phase of development is wide open.

Self development therefore is the personal decision to grow and commit to excellence. To grow in this sense is not only physical, but to grow the mind and the spirit.

To achieve greatness, self development in any field of your choice is not negotiable, but very important.

In this our world, everyone seeks success. However, success is not a destination, but a journey. There’s no landmark or bus stop of success in life, but along the journey through life, one will keep reaching some junction of success if adequate development supports the way.

David Oyedepo said, “Success is who you are, not what you are or have”

You become a success when you are well groomed and developed to efficiently and effectively manage your affairs and yourself. It is not the business you have, nor job, nor money in your bank account, you are the definition of success.

The lofty dreams and responsibilities I described above will only be a wishful thinking without adequate self development. What is bigger than yourself cannot happen to you. And it is your mind that determines that, therefore what your mind cannot conceive your hands cannot hold.

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Self development is a personal commitment to improving your life. No one will be there to supervise you in whatever you are doing, and that is exactly what differentiate a child from the adult. 

No one is born with the skin of crafting nice and beautiful writings or any other skills, however, each person at some point will realize that it is imperative for them to learn the writing skill, improving their communication skill, or any other skills whatsoever.

Self development takes time and 100% dedication. Since no one will be there to supervise or encourage you, therefore, self development as a long-term activity requires time and all the dedication required. 

John Maxwell wrote in his book, 15 Laws Of Growth that-

“no one automatically gets better, growth does not happen like magic.”

This shows that self development is not a one time affair. Time will be spent, and a lot of it. A pianist will spend hours every single day on his piano to master every key, tune, melody, etc in the board. Same also a footballer will spend countless hours practicing a new skill, mastering on known ones and exercising to keep fit. Therefore, the time factor in the self development cannot be overruled.

Self development calls for thorough scrutiny of one’s performance. The greatest lies that we should not accept is one that we tell ourselves. Calling yourself to meeting to query your performance and result over some stipulated time would give you hints on areas that need development or overhauling as the case may be.

Honest and sincere reports about yourself, result and progress can be a motivation for growth and development.

Conclusively, self development is a key in achieving greatest. To help you understand better, study successful people in any field of life, you will realize that they were sets of people who give self development a high priority in their journey of life.

Writer: Oluwole Omojofodun

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  1. Wow.... This is really explanatory.

    Self development is the key.

  2. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  3. Self development takes time. . It is a continuous process.