[Poem] What if?

What if it was a dream, 
What if we are never going to wake up? 
What if life was an endless stream,
Ever flowing, never to dry up?

What if we are immortals
With some super power? 
Beyond lies a portal
Where our hope comes from a hidden tower.

What if we didn't have to go through pain.
Just laughs, jokes and an ageless face
What if we were insane
Just to taste freedom of the other mental phase.

What if all these were a blockbuster movie 
Playing the lead actor
And we an endangered specie 
Living by mere survival, our key factor?

We lived all day 
Yet grew not older
Having so much to say
Yet all we do is ponder. 

And if we are slaves?
Serving a common master,
Living in caves,
Hoping time would go faster.

Imagine we jumped into the ocean
To find a world beneath
One that would end our search
For love and compassion.

If we didn't have to suffer 
For all to be well
And that we have to conquer 
The fears that within us dwell.

Then we finally met with HIM
Or could He be a woman?
Questions rolling like a film
Till we understand the plan.

So many what if
Yet we live as though we aren't bothered
But deep within we blame Adam and eve 
Only if the serpent had been murdered.

What if love and hate were all lies, and we were made emotionless 
Not wanting to say the goodbyes
Would that make us more human or less.  

These are questions 
Ringing in my head 
Answers I need 
While I lay on my death bed.

Writer: Abiayi Chinemerem E.

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