Start out as an Entrepreneur


    “An entrepreneur” they say, is a “problem solver, a risk taker, and someone who seek economic gains.”

    Perhaps you are wondering maybe, you are an entrepreneur or not, trust me, you really are.

    Whatsoever the activities you are engaged with, you are already filling out a space in this enormous world.

    Starting out as an entrepreneur

    Do you own a business, manage one, or you are thinking of a lucrative business to engage in, wait a little while. This article is for you, as I will be sharing some “useful” tips that can help you become an astute entrepreneur as you wish to become.

    Personally, I have had some tastes as an entrepreneur, and to some certainty, I can tell what entrepreneurship is about.

    Coupled with the knowledge, and research work this article will consist, are also what I have learned in the past 5years as an entrepreneur.

    For the past five years, I have got my hands dirty, and engaged with series of entrepreneurial activities. 

    Part of which includes me starting a business from scratch, co-founding with someone else, managing existing business, selling a business and consulting for other entrepreneurs like myself. And I understand that starting out as an entrepreneur can be very hard at some point in time, and especially when you are the only person engaged.

    The frustration, disappointment, and lack of funds sometimes, all these can make a newbie quit in his or her entrepreneurship journey. Even if you have billions in your bank account, and ready to invest it in a business, starting out is difficult as well, because business is not all about the money, but about the knowledge of how to successfully operate in the business.

    In my little experience as a business consultant, marketing and branding strategist, I have seen some individuals who actually have the money, more money, and they really want to invest in a business, however, they do not know what business to invest in nor how to make it work.

    Likewise, I have seen folks who are really passionate and with wonderful ideas of a business to engage in, however, they do not have the fund to carry on, and the ideas they had, the vision they have seen will start drifting away to become just a wishful thinking. This is why you need to know this money paradigm shift.

    Therefore, starting out is more than having wonderful ideas or enough money to experiment. Below are some wonderful tips on how you can start out as an entrepreneur, revamp your existing business, and scale your business faster.

    These tips are relevant in all entrepreneurship endeavors and business activities.


    There is no substitute for knowledge. Absolutely nothing can replace right information for an entrepreneur. By right information here, I mean unfiltered knowledge in business operation.

    Do not commit the mistake of starting out with a conventional business knowledge, that is, the norm and general knowledge of “how to do” the business you are engaging in. Believe me, I have seen folks in business that knows nothing about business, yet, they claim to be in business.

    These type of folks don’t usually succeed in their business career because, your business can never improve more than you yourself improve.

    Reading books, attending seminars, making entrepreneur friends are great ways to get the right information.

    There is no substitute for knowledge. Nothing at all.


    Vision is the reality you want to reach. “That place” you really want to be and it’s only you that can see it.

    Vision creates desire, and desire creates action. Action based on the right information.

    As an entrepreneur, you need vision for perspective, direction and guidance. Someone describes vision as a rudder for a ship. As small as it is, it guides the ship and turns it in a direction.

    Big businesses today were once someone’s vision. The Freedom of democracy today was once some people’s vision. As I am writing this, I remembered the speech of Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream.”

    It is that kind of dream that creates the vision that sparks action and make the vision a reality. 


    This is the first in the list. Journey in life can be so messy and rough, but not for those who are endorsed by a power far greater than them, I am talking about the power of God. 

    The above three tips will really help you to make more out of your entrepreneurship journey in life. 

    Start out with God. Start out with vision. And start out with the right information. 


    When your journey and business is laid on these foundations, it might take a while, but you will surely boast of outrageous result in the meantime. Successful businesses and individuals are as a result of these three factors for starting out. 

    Writer: Oluwole Omojofodun

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