How to start a blog on blogger/blogspot with your smart phone in 2022

    Hello Scholars! Today, I am going to explain in details how to start a blog on Blogger with your smart phone. This does not mean that you cannot use your laptop. Of course, you can use your laptop, because it is the same process that is involved.

    However, we all know that it is not every one that has access to laptop In today's world that is continuously advancing in technology.

    Almost all Blogging platforms (blogger inclusive) now provide you with the ability to create a blog and publish blog posts directly from your smart phone.

    Most blogging platforms contain settings that you can modify and Mobile applications for the ability to blog from your smart phone.

    This is a complete guide on how to start a blog and run it successfully.

    This is a complete guide on how to start a blog and run it successfully.

    What is a blog?

    A blog is a web page or website that is updated frequently. Blogs can be used personally or for business purposes.

    The difference between a blog and a website is that a website is static, less frequently updated and Contents are organized in pages. But for a blog, the reverse is the case as aforementioned in the definition of a blog.

    In other words, a Blog can be a website or part of a website but not all website can be a blog.

    Brief History of blogger and how does blogspot work

    Blogger was launched on August 23, 1999, by Evans Williams which was then bought by Google in 2003.
    Blogger blogs are hosted by Google, and they are accessed generally from a subdomain of

    Bloggers can also serve their blogs via a custom domain by using DNS facilities to direct their domain to Google servers.

    Every user on blogger can have access to 100 blogs per account.

    Why you should start a blog today

    With the constant popping up of blogs here and there on the internet, It will be difficult to keep up with the statistics, and facts that are constantly changing about blogging.

    As at this moment, the statistics out there is there are about 500 million blogs, and the numbers are increasing constantly.

    There are a thousand, and one reasons for you to start a blog. Either for personal uses or for business purposes.
    And it all boils down to if you want to monetize it or not.

    How to start Blogging on blogspot/blogger with your smart phone (process)

    STEP 1: You must have an email account, if you do not, create one now and proceed to the next step.

    STEP 2: On your mobile browser, (Chrome preferably) visit blogger and sign up using your email address with a password of your choice. (Remember to keep your password safe).

    STEP 3: chose a name for you blog and click on next. Remember that the name you choose should suit the niche or type of blog you want.

    For example, you do not want to name your blog Sports world when the blog you want is talking about fashion.

    STEP 4: Type the prefix of the kind of URL you want and save. Example is shown below. Note that you can buy a custom domain for your new blog later on.

    Congratulations! You have successfully created your blog via your smart phone.
    On the left below is how the admin panel looks like while on the right is how your blog will look like to visitors.

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    Learn how to get a custom domain for your new blogger/blogspot blog.

    For beginners, a custom domain name is a web address that links to your blog.
    This is for those that do not want the default blogger/blogspot domain but want something like

    The cost of a custom domain depends on the Register. However, in most cases it should be around $10 to $15.

    Head to settings on your blogs admin panel. Click on custom domain, and then click on buy. Follow the due process and pay online using PayPal, credit card or Debit card.

    Personally, I buy my custom domain names from whogohost. So, you can easily create an account here to get a custom domain name for your blog/website.

    Once you have successfully bought a domain for your blog/website, in order to map your domain go to Submit Ticket | Technical Support to email the technical team to help you map/configure your new domain to work on your blog.

    Here is what they would need:
    DNS settings
    CNAME for
    A NAME Records for naked domain

    the following IP addresses:

    The support team will contact you, and you will receive a follow-up email once your domain is configured.

    Go to your blogger dashboard Setting|Custom Domain and enter your new domain name in the box, and then save.

    Congratulations! Your blog can now be visited using your custom domain or web address.

    Feel free to drop your comments and if you are still confused, or you do not want to stress your self with all this process, you can always contact us to help you out for a little token.

    How to Create your first Blogger/Blogspot post.

    Now that you have successfully created a blog, creating your very first blog post should be as easy as eating cheese.

    Writing your first blog post is like your first baby steps. You will definitely fall, but it is not a set back, rather it is your very first step to achieving greater heights.

    Pros and cons of your first blog posts
    1. Your first blog post should be captivating and intriguing.
    2. Try as much as possible to use a title that is apt and catchy.
    3. Express your self in your on way and avoid plagiarism like a plaque.
    4. Since it is your first baby step, make it concise, and not too short. A minimum of 500 words for a start is not bad.

    Now to create a new blog post.

    • On the admin panel head to posts and click on the plus + icon to create a new post.
    • You can add images free from copyright from pixabay.
    • Add the appropriate labels that are related to the topic you are talking about, and proofread your work for grammatical errors.
    • Publish your first post!

    Welcome to the blogosphere!
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    Writer: Ayibanua Ayibakeme 

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