Meet Omoregha Peter, the best Writer on Scholarly for the year, 2020.

Exclusive Interview.

Congratulations Omoregha Peter on emerging as the best Writer of the year, 2020 on Scholarly.

• Please, tell us about your self.

Well, there is nothing much about me than the fact that I'm a guy who believes that learning is ad infinitum. Like, learning is unending. And I have the ability to learn from everything and anything that happen to me in life because as Human we have the dignity of choice.

• What are your experiences so far as a writer?

As a writer, I have been able to realize some untapped potential in me and improve my communication skills. Although, there are some times I feel tired and unwilling to write but then I remember there are lot of things I need to write on and share with people. 

• Beside writing, what else have you been into?

Beside writing, I'm into digital marketing.

• What motivated you to pick up writing as a skill or career?

My struggle.

• What are your views concerning Scholarly and other writers?

Scholarly is an amazing platform that gives writers the privilege to express their emotions and touch lives by doing so. It's really nice to be part of this platform as it's on it way to the global level. 

All the writers on this platform are awesome and it's really nice to read through each and every articles they have written, as it has been helpful to me as an individual, especially at some point when things disturbing happen around me. 

And I'm glad to say that on this platform, I have been able to search and get articles related to my area of concern when I'm planning some mind-boggling or strategic things and it's good to get insight from those writings.

• How do you feel emerging as the winner?

I feel thrilled because I wasn't expecting to emerge the winner among the awesome writers on this platform.

• Final words and shout out.

All thanks to God, who is the ultimate.

Thanks to my dad, Mr. Omoregha Omotuyole, my family and all those who have been helpful to me on my journey away from the wilderness of ignorance. I'm grateful.

Also, I appreciate everyone that vote for all the writers in this year's writer award. You guys are amazing. And to those who has been supporting scholarly's growth, may God grant you all your heart desires.

Exclusive Profile of Omoregha Peter

Full name: Omoregha Peter Abiye

Birthday: February 6th.

Family background: I'm born into a family of 6 children - I have an elder sister and 4 younger siblings. I was raised by both parent but sadly, i lost my mum in the year 2016.

Marital status: Single

Religious belief: Christianity

State of Origin: Lagos

Educational background:

  • University: Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State.
  • Senior Secondary School : Olodi Apapa Senior Secondary School, Tolu complex, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Junior Secondary School: Itun Agan community Grammar school and Newland Junior Secondary School, Tolu complex, Lagos Nigeria.
  • Primary School: Green Pasture Private School, Tin-can Island, Apapa, Lagos.

Hobbies: Studying, Travelling, Listening to Messages and Music.

Career goal: To be impactful 

Best Friend: Akingboye Olushola 

Ideal spouse: A God fearing, hardworking, Understanding and loving damsel.

Favorite quote:

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

Connect with Omoregha Peter on social media.

Twitter: Omoregha_P

Facebook: Omoregha Peter

Instagram: Omoregha_P

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