[Poem] On my death bed - Abiayi Chinemerem E.

On my death bed

On my death bed

The world spined around me
Breath was short 
Life's end was imminent
Eternity was close.

I hoped for a second chance
But was denied
Face to face with man's greatest inevitability
Alongside my Arsenal.

Unending tears shed
As I lay on my bed
Dry with wetness of sadness 
It was here;my end.

What a beauty!
All hidden when I had life
Just to be revealed
As I lie lifeless.

Good reports like a referral
In death I was made a general
The reason they partied 
But a guest in the world beyond.

Oh death! How cold
To leave this world untold 
Uncertain of the life after 
But sure of the pain we leave behind.

My last days I spent 
Reminiscing years felt 
Longer I'd want to stay 
In the place of rest I'll play.

All these thoughts colliding
But I must do nature's bidding 
I struggle to keep awake 
Eyes closing on my death bed.

Birth brought me 
Death took me,
Through labour I came 
Now I rest in peace,on my death bed.

Writer: Abiayi Chinemerem E.

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