The role of money

Money plays a vital role in anything and everything that is to grow, including we humans. We need money for the basic things of life: food, shelter, and clothing.

Money is a universal language. Understood by everyone, and connects people in different places. Money has positioned itself to be a very strong force that cannot be competed with, neglect, and most importantly money cannot be ignored.

History books are filled with tales, fables and legends. Tales of how money had been accumulated previously, and spent and spent by certain individuals. It is believed that money had been in existence since the creation of man. Mainly it was in form of gold, silver, precious stones, rubies, etc. And in times, civilization brought about the paper currency we now use.

Our beliefs about money has been shaped by several factors, some of which includes: religion, family, culture, society, and so on. These factors affects our thinking and mindset towards money accumulation and how we spend it. 

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For example, several people in the religion setting believed that ‘money is the root of all evil’ while some believed that ‘money answereth all things.’ Those that believes that 'money is the root of all evil' does not have much in their possession, and those that believed that 'Money answereth all things' looks at money as a necessary tool to enhance better livelihood.

Perspective and mindset about money do affect how it is being spent as well. I realized that all what we as human beings keep on laboring for in life is money. A student in the university, seeking to advance her education, why? To get better chance of employment and be positioned better career wise to have an unfair advantage. 

See, everything still boils down on money, that’s why I called it a universal language because everybody seems to understand it. A laborer working round the clock, is doing so because of money, an entrepreneur working hard on her business is doing so because of solving a problem and for the financial gains.

The truth is, no matter your conservation about money, it cannot change its core role in humans life.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, in his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He mentioned that there are two problems associated with money: not enough money and too much money. "Not enough money" is when one does not have enough money to carter for his or her needs, and "too much money" is when someone have more than enough money to carter for his or her needs. 

Many people fall under the "not enough money" and it makes it seemed as if it is the reality of life. However, there are some with the problem of "too much problem" as well.

I intend that perspective and mindset affect our relationship with money. Some believed money is vanity, while some believed poverty to be vanity, choose your vanity well.

The role of money cannot be underestimated and should be talked about. Some individuals can go a long way to have money, plenty of it. In Africa, money ritual which involve sacrificing human for wealth is common, that’s an extent that some can go to accumulate money, some are dubious in their business and extort others for financial gains.

Money plays a vital role in anything and everything that is to grow, including we humans. We need money for the basic things of life: food, shelter, and clothing.

To acquire good education, to fulfill vision, to advance ministry, to progress in stages, etc., all these are some of the roles money can play in our life as humans. Yes, it is true that money answereth all things just as the scripture has said.

Money can also be used to get the good things of life. Someone once said ‘poverty is a choice,’ I believe the same for wealth. In your quest for money, know that “wealth gotten illegally, by corruption etc shall be wasted.” There are best practices which are legal and good. 

This is so because money has a spiritual background with God and there are both spiritual and physical laws guiding money accumulation and how its to be spent.

Nations all over the world seek more money, to help primarily in their economic activities. Many nations are in tons of debt and misery, yet they are still badly in need of money.


These are to show that money is a strong force to be reckon with. Be consistent, and diligent in your work and business, and make money legally.

Writer: Oluwole Omojofodun

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  1. Wow.... I really like that concluding part "...make money legally"

    1. It is unfortunate that a lot of persons now want to make money illegally.

      Perhaps it's the economic situation. . .

      But nevertheless, we should always do the right thing.

  2. Interesting read.
    Money to humans is like water to fishes.
    We all need it