Writer of the year

Hello scholars! welcome to the maiden edition of Scholarly Awards.

This is an award for the best Writer of the year. Please, do not be biased. You can view the articles of each contestant below and vote for the best.

Meet The Nominees


  • Winner gets an exclusive interview and cash prize and becomes the face of scholarly.com.ng
  • Voting is free.
  • You can vote only once. We do not want inflated figures. Do well to check your favourite Writer's position everyday. 
  • Once you have successfully entered your vote, you can see the current statistics.
  • Voting duration is from December 21, 2020 -12:00 PM to December 28, 2020 - 12:00 PM.

As a Publishing Platform, Scholarly allows you to share your write-up such as articles, poems, short stories and other piece of writing with the world. Publish your article on Scholarly.

Who do you think will win this? Drop your comments!

Seasonal Greetings 🎄⛄

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