Meet Newstamen David Akponemu, A Spoken Words Artist and the writer of Apple

This is an exclusive interview and profile of Newstamen David akponemu, A writer and spoken words artist. The Writer of Apple.

Let's get to meet him.

Exclusive interview

• Please, tell us about your self.

My name is David Newstamen Akponemu.
I am a writer, Poet, Spoken artists, Rapper and a versatile creative.

I love listening to all genre of music and rap is my favorite.

• What are your experiences so far as a writer and spoken words artist?

My experience as a writer has been quite an adventure... It all started from uploading an awful spoken word on my WhatsApp status.

Then I started reading up on literature and poetry.
I started writing as a rapper. I took my writing career personal and serious during the covid-19 lockdown.

• For how long have you been into spoken words Poetry?

I have been a spoken word artist for a like a year now.

• Beside Spoken words poetry, what else have you been into?

I have been into marketing and front end web design. I also rap.

• What motivated you to pick up Poetry as a career?

My friend by name Ibu Favor.. and the lockdown. He inspired me to take my writing career serious.

• Your first spoken words Poetry - Apple 🍏. Tell us about it and what inspired you to come up with it?

Apple all started from the moment I met a girl in the bus. It is a true life story.

I wrote Apple a year after we met.
The writing motivation was coined from the Adam and Eve experience.

• What are your challenges and opportunities so far, as a spoken words artist in Nigeria?

Well, I have not really experienced much. But then, My experience is that i write by what I face.

The Challenges I have seen so far is that people are not so into spoken words poetry in Nigeria, so they hardly promote it.
One just have to be very unique.

• what are your final words.

This year, 2021 is going to be fire for me.

Exclusive Profile of Newstamen David

Full name: Newstamen David Akponemu

Birthday: May 14th

Family background: I come from a family of four (4)

Marital status: Engaged

Religious belief: Christianity

State of Origin: Delta State.

Educational background:
  • University: Taisolarin University of Education (TASUED)
  • Senior Secondary School: Faith Academy Gowon State (FAGE)
  • Junior Secondary School: Faith Academy Gowon State (FAGE)
  • Primary School: Crystal Novel School

Hobbies: Writing, watching movies, and streaming videos on YouTube

Career goal: To be a prolific writer and an outstanding programmer

Best Friend: Janet Dada

Ideal spouse: cannot be disclosed.

Favorite quote:
My mother once said that one man's shoes is another's fantasy.
When you get to be in their shoes, think about your ecstasy.

Connect with Newstamen David on Social Media.

Twitter: @newstamen1

Facebook: David newstamen

Instagram: Newstamen_David

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