[Story] The unforgettable experience

It is really a day I won't forget!
The day was loaded, really loaded.
I learnt, unlearn and relearn a lot of things after that event. It's an unprecedented and aghast situation and I pray such won't come up again.

Never again will I eat beans and bread at WE DON'T CARE restaurant.
Especially when it's a porridge beans.
Like how did it happen?
What was I thinking?
How did I even survive it?
Where should I start from?

Anyway, there is no time to waste in a public toilet!
In as much as I'm not good with literature, because it's not really easy to comprehend English and funny enough Mathematics is more easier than English. Well just pay attention to my story, a life changing experience it was, especially with my younger ones laughing at the point of writing this. 

It was a sunny day and I was planning to wash some of my clothes before bathing but then I remembered I haven't barb my hair for the wedding ceremony I'm invited to. I really have to look cute, you know I am not that handsome but at least a damsel might fall in love with me while dancing at the wedding's reception venue.

So, I think about my moves and I finally decide that i will go to the barbershop after washing my clothes. I start washing the clothes. I washed for some seconds which turn to minutes and the minutes turn to about an hour but at last, I washed all my clothes including the ones I'm suppose to postpone their execution day.

I trekked to the barbershop close to my lodge and on getting there I realized I wasn't with my wallet, so I quickly go back home to get it.
It wasn't up to 10 minutes, I get back to do my stress free and nice hair cut. But on getting to the shop I was amazed at the number of people that are now sitting to get their own hair cut. 

Well, this won't be the end of my mission but may be it would be the  beginning of the end.
Without stress, I sat down quitely listening and shaking my head to the music even though I don't know the lyrics. 

Napoleon and Florence don't actually bother themselves about song lyrics especially when they are in cloud 9 level. So, why should I bother myself with the meaning of the unclear words the artist was saying?
I was still there waiting for my turn when Timothy shout TULE!

Within me, I am not just concerned about the meaning of the word but that changed when I heard a loud sound like thunderstorm.
Chimoooooooo, was all I found myself shouting.
Who got shot?
Who shoot me?
Those are some of the enormous questions sailing freely in the ocean of my mind.

My heart beat keeps running fast as if it's in a relay race competition. I don't know what is happening around me again as I found myself on the floor gasping for strength.
Am I the one shoot ? Is this real happening? Amarachi, please help me out? Abubakar, I'm confused right now? Olushola, what happened to me?

It was later I realized that, our own area nigga and upcoming artist named Timothy was at the receiving end of a newly deployed soldier's slap. Poor Timothy mistakenly step on the soldier when he shout TULE!
The next thing I heard was E CHOKE!  E CHOKE!  I can't move my neck, I really can't move my neck. I was about to move close to see what is going on when I saw the same soldier moving towards me.

Me kwa!
I beg sir!
I beg sir!
na beg I dey beg! 
I didn't do anything!
I'm only here to barb my hair.
I'm not hear for anything else 
Please sir!

As he raised his hand to slap me, abruptly I woke up and I found out that it was a dream.
Thank God!
Thank God!
That's what I kept saying for more than 5 minutes.

I'm not willing to withstand another mighty and breath taking soldier beating. After my last leg breaking encounter during a soldier raiding i experienced at age 15, i respect a soldier's uniform more than a police officer with gun.

Writer: Omoregha Peter 

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