Be strong, its not over (For those fighting silent battles)

Be strong, its not over (For those fighting silent battles)

Don't be weary
A day is coming, 
You will be glad you pass through those stress.

Don't be tired 
The time for your celebration is near
Very near, just that you haven't seen it.

Don't be bothered about those things 
A day is coming you will be agog 
You will really be surprised with how they will turn out
Because everything is on God 
And God is the ultimate

Don't feel confused 
Your day of great insight in here
It is here to stay although it's a bit vague
The more exciting thing is it value

Don't blame yourself for those things 
Those things that you can't change 
For they are there to make you strong
Stronger than ever

Don't be scared of the past
It is there to enlighten you
To make you more experienced
And those experience will shape you

Don't feel bad about your day 
It is just a preparation for amazing days
You can make it better today 
Because today is another day

Don't be distracted
By the temporary benefits around 
They won't last for long 
Especially if it's not based on Love
The love of the father.

Don't be carried away 
By the current of negative thoughts
You can change them 
Yes, you can because you are endowed
With the dignity of choice.

Don't stop fighting
The battle is always there 
Although, the end is unknown
But by it we can become grown

Don't feel disappointed
About those things you can't control
For you will be in charge 
In charge of those events' wheel 

Don't give up 
It's never easy to get there 
Knowing that it might cause some acne
Will keep intoxicating you for the acme

Don't be moved 
By the mountains of challenges
The ones that will come strong
With force that will touch you 
For through it you will be made

Don't be distorted
By those panel eating things 
They are really eating deep
So intense that you can't handle
But then you are going to work
The work of a professional panel beater

Don't stop now 
Because of those circumstances
The ones that touches your heart 
Strikingly, they drive in
But no matter their strength don't give in

Don't get weary 
By those unseen discomfort 
For in searching deeply
The great ideas will come gladly 

Don't mind how you look now
It's not your real definition
They are just a preparation 
For the amazing you in creation

Don't murmur too much 
In it you might fall prey
To the illusion that it's impossible
But remember all things are possible
Through God, the Omnipotent

Don't mind their laughter
They thought you can't do it
Rather turn around with it 
And make it a light for your path
The path to your glorious day

Don't stop talking
About the good things you desire 
Silently say it to your heart 
For by keying into it optimistically 
The change will reflect drastically

Don't be scared 
Of how tomorrow will be 
For it's not in your hand 
To see the end from the beginning

Don't be weary 
For you have God 
Who knows the ending from the beginning!

Writer: Omoregha Peter

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