Done and Dusted


Over the years, I’ve heard people exclaimed done and dusted after the completion of a course, programs, seminars, et al.

Actually, for you it is done and dusted, because you don't come up with anything tangible after the experience, all you focus is to alert the general public with pictures to show that you were in attendance at the event location; campus, conference etc.

What do you expect the world to speak of you an NCE holder, that your result can't be used  to apply as direct entry into a university? We could call that done and dusted right?

I was told you attend seminars and conferences, but you come up with nothing than a good background for pictures on social networks.

You spend years on campus as an undergraduate only for you to come up with a certificate. Isn't that heartbreaking? 

While your contemporaries are taking courses online, you're busy with Tik-Tok, Netflix, Snapchat; you're chatting your destiny away and you want to compete with them on employment space.

You sat there flooding Facebook with pictures and immoral posts, boasting of likes and reactions. Can those reactions set food on your tables in the next five years? 

Have you forgotten, that the road to the future is not straight as many seems to think.

The problem of this generation will remain unsolved, if you fail to give your abilities responsibilities. 

Are you aware that some graduate got no job, not because there was no job, but because they come out of school with unfavorable results? In a society where employment suffereth violent and the intellectuals takes it by force.

You should not grow to become a disappointment to this generation, you can go miles to get viewers to view your less-Godly image of yourself, but you cannot go miles and get materials for those courses, you can't have sleepless nights on reading books that can add values to your life, but you can be sleepless because you want to be the first to wish a birthday celebrant.  

What are you living for?

You're created to solve problems.

Do your best and let God finish His work. God is not a joker, you can't keep disturbing God for Mercy over  beggarly results.

Stop being a scam to God to mankind!

REMEMBER YOU HAVE A FUTURE! And there's no film trick in the matter of future. Your now is a determinant to your Future.

CHANGE YOUR GAZE! It is not too late to be a champion.

With love from your friend. Feel free to share.

Writer: Oluwaseye Samuel ADEPEJU

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