Meet Precious Mpamugo, Author of Your Purity, Your Pleasure

 Exclusive interview

Hello Precious Mpamugo, can you please tell us about yourself?

I am a Teen’s Coach and the founder of The YouTeen Platform. The platform is where I connect, teach, coach and spend time with teenagers.  I love dealing with young people because I believe so much in what they have to offer for the future.

I love smiling! You can almost hear me smile even when I write, which is the second thing I do best. I am into graphic designing and digital marketing also.

What are your experiences so far as a writer?

One of the fastest means of communicating to my audience is through writing. I write every day to people and for people. Through this process, I have been able to develop my writing skills. I have also written exclusive content for bloggers.

Can you please tell us some more about your book and how long it took you to write it?

The title of the book is, “Your Purity, Your Pleasure”. It was inspired by the Holyspirit.
It is a short book directly written for teenagers, young adults, singles and youths on a few things they should know about their spiritual and sex life. It teaches them the importance of staying chaste and how it can be maintained in this society we live in.
It took me four weeks to write.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

Haha! None. I actually wrote one last year, but how it disappeared from my system I have no idea.

How soon should your readers (fans?) expect another book from you?

Very very soon.

What motivated you to pick up writing as a career and what inspired your ink?

The best way I express myself is through writing, that is my biggest motivation. As a child, I did it for fun, when I would just write short stories. I remember an essay I wrote in my final year in secondary school, it was tagged by my teacher as one of the best.
Holyspirit has been my major inspiration. However, when I see other writers produce creative and beautiful contents, I get inspired to do more.

As an author, what would you say have been your challenges and opportunities so far?

It would be a writer’s block for me. Sometimes, I know what to write but organizing the content takes a little time before putting my thoughts together. Opportunities so far… I was opportune to participate in a writing contest organized by my favourite drama minister (Mrs Opeyemi Akintunde). I have also written for two blogs.

In a few words, What’s your book all about?

Like I mentioned earlier, it is the book for teenagers, young adults and youths on a few things they should know about their spiritual and sex life.

It has been a great time with you, what are your last words?

Always put God first in anything you do, and rely on Him completely. Be consistent in everything you do and trust me, with time it will pay off.  Also, for everyone who has been part of my journey thus far I cherish and love you all. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity scholarly.

Exclusive Profile

Full name: Precious Chiamaka Mpamugo
Birthday: 16th February
Family background: I am born into a family of three children - I am the eldest with two siblings. I was raised by both parent.
Marital status: Single
Religious Belief: Christianity
State of Origin: Abia state

Educational background
University: University of Ibadan
Senior Secondary School: Krisbethel College
Junior Secondary School: Krisbethel College
Primary school: Krisbethel Nursery and Primary School

Hobbies: Smiling, writing and motivating others
Career goal: To be a recognized life coach for teenagers in the world
Best Friend: Ifeonuchukwu Abiayi and Idebuemi Faith
Ideal spouse: A charming God-loving man, someone that understands me and vice versa.
Favorite quote: “You can never ATTRACT what you ATTACK”. Be You!

Connect with Precious Mpamugo on social media.

Twitter: @Tz_Preshie
Facebook: Precious Chiamaka Mpamugo or Precious Mpamugo_The YouTeen Coach
Instagram: @precious_youteen

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