[Poem] Beauty for Ashes [as inspired by Jessie Boroh]

Beauty For Ashes

Lost in a dark world 
Full of chaos 
Love taken away 
Given feelings of loneliness.

Living life 
Feeling abandoned
Faith so strong 
I'm dumbfounded.

So long a time 
I continue to hope 
For better days 
I pray I'll see.

Wars fought 
Lives lost 
Tears shed
Bodies buried.

Brokenness sets in 
But I'm told to be happy
How can that be 
Since I lost control.

Emotions gone wild 
Garment torn
Here I am 
Beautiful in pain.

The tunnel is endless 
For I seek happiness
Where can I find it ?
In this life or after.

Seven times I fell
I Rose eight
To kill the hate 
And spread the love.

For the light has come 
My best I shall become 
Its end I shall see 
No tear shall come from me.

For these things are vain
Yet we try again
Keeping up with the act
Pawns in the master plan.

Happy days are here 
A beautiful soul 
Should be Merry 
And not worry.

Laughter for tears 
Joy for sadness
Life for death
Beauty for ashes.

Writer: Abiayi Chinemerem E.

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