Life Ladder

Sometimes in our life 
We felt so down that we can't hold up
To the things we thought we can pull up
Even though we try so hard to stay up
Despite the challenges surrounding us.

Our life becomes disturbing
when we should be clapping
To the steps that look acclaiming 
although we don't really know the ending 
of the battle we fought in the beginning.

The battles are always ready 
to make us forget how steady and lovely 
we can be to the things in our surrounding
especially when we thought we are sailing
but rather we were drifting
away from the plan our maker is building.

But then, the creator knows the plan 
better than any person can guess
although we act as if 
we know the enemies that are within 
after realizing some that are outside
The arena we paint with our great mind.

Great mind I say 
great minds I see 
great minds that are so passionate about others
when it's not their duty to bother 
and ponder on things they can help regather
the things that were lost in others life
especially when those souls felt they can't recover
but then the maker's plans is already marked
and part of the plan is to attach them
to the path and people of value
the ones that are not vague
but rather vivid as a good leader
a leader that is a life ladder.

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