Love Questions

Love Questions

Is love blind?
Deep down I keep feeling it
It's glowing like never before 
The passion in it is so striking
The echo I hear are so touching
I can't really say if it's true when they say that 
Love is blind.

Is love blind?
I keep wondering 
On how things keep moving
Like I haven't experienced before now
Although I have been in it before 
And it was also disturbing
Like an ocean being stirred vigorously
The one that can't be handle by mortal
Especially those who think they have pestle and mortar.

Is love blind?
That's the question that keep coming to mind
As though the answer is very far away from me
Even though I thought it's as close as my nose to eye
And I thought there is no distance at all
Between you and me in mind
The ones that keep playing games together 
In the darkness of our mind 
Even though love can be our light.

Is love that bad?
Like how do people think it is
Even when they have never truly experienced it
Although they have a taste of it
In the corner that seems so hidden
As though it was more of garden of Eden.

Is love kind?
A lot of things have been unraveled through it
Like the things men don't think they can initially get
When most think they are deeply in pain 
Due to the other person who use them for gain
And the system keeps looking so insane 
But deep down I feel we can still sail.

Is love blind?
That is the question many have in mind 
Although they can actually still deny
With the fact that they are not to be remind
And keep fighting for the kind 
Of loving and caring spouse they plan.

Does love still exist?
Well it's possible it might be
In a far place that we haven't seen
For the ones we have now are more of illusion
Telling the truthful lies they specialize on
So perfectly that we can hardly distinguish the lines
The right from the nearly right 
As they are so craftily made 
To give the unexpected shade.

Is love blind?
That's the big question we need to answer
But how well can we make it real
Like an image carefully and perfectly painted 
By an artist that is not of this world
The one that can say it all.

Can we still find love?
Just like the name sound 
I believe it can still be found 
Somewhere a bit different from where we are now
Because it might not be for one to find alone 
Even if a person might think it won't make him lonely
Which might actually sound funny 
To the one who knows the realitic story
Is love truly blind?
Well, some experience make it seems so
But then we have to know 
That we can't see everything from one side 
The side that look too true to be real 
Especially when we can't see it from the main view 
The one that only the creator can see.

Can love still be found?
Yes, possibly in the light 
That illuminate so bright
Even though darkness might try to fight 
From the left to the right 
But it's actually certain that darkness can't overcome light
For in love their is light 
The one that is always on sight.

Love is life
Truly it is, although many haven't found it
For in it are things 
That are beyond our comprehension
And also the peace of mind 
When we meet the right people
For in the people are the light we need
And the light is life
The life that opens us up to love.

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