May be someday

May be someday

I believe we would stop blaming others and sit down
To discuss a lot of things that need our attention.
Those things that look unchangeable
But are touching us deep down our heart 
and singing song that are so penetrating.

We would have a round table discussion
Among ourselves to talk about the mind blowing things
Those ocean agitating ones that happen around us 
And rage war against us 
 Just as if we can't do anything about them.

We would not keep sitting down to look
Those things happening around 
The unhuman and mentally derailing ones 
The one that stigmatize the victims 
those vulnerable fellows who are being explored and extorted 
By the cabals of mortal Kombat
Who think Lord Raiden is not watching
Just because his wrath can't be unleashed now
Because a lot of things need to be in place
For Lui Kang, Sonya and Kong lao to fist on
despite the fact Jax is handicap
But his blow can cause severe damage.

I know we would sit in a round table 
To discuss the issue of the persecuted male and female
The molested, raped, victimized and traumatized 
The ones whose heart and mind have been broken by some selfish individual
Because of their uncontrollable temporary desire 
That will lead to their death some day.

We would talk about the programs
The ones they use to lure us into their system
The abysmal and bottomless pit 
Which was covered with mat and cloth 
Only for us to sit and fall
Into their trap of want
The education strategy with ever increasing pain
Humanitarian strategy full of uncertainties
The ones resulting in bad governance
Bad road and low funding of our social amenities 
That were made for the masses 
Whose population is unending and takes the larger share of the whole nation.

We would discuss the things happening
To the different aspects of our nation
The military, that is being used against the country's citizens
The ones who sold out information about their colleagues
Due to some temporary benefits promised 
Which will not be fully delivered later
We shall talk about the death or killings
Of the top and passionate army 
who were massacred in cold blood 
because they were uncompromised
and diligent to the cause of the masses

Or is this killings oversea by some huge men and women
who stand to be like Goliath
the gigantic image that stand against pacifism
The image that hate anything related to love
Knowing how powerful the word and act can be 
Against their malignant lifestyle.

They use religious and ethnicity as a tool
An equipment to destroy our hope and stronghold
Just like it was used in those days 
Under the genus racism
The massive and destructive weapon that make things difficult for all 
Due to the fact they think our mind works on parochialism.

But today I wish to tell you 
that we would sit down to discuss
This things and more to be unraveled
In order to get the solutions we need
to unite and work together 
in peace and harmony.

So, prepare your mind 
for the things we would talk about 

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