About Us


    Scholarly is an educative and informative platform. We write Articles, Stories, Poems, create podcasts and other forms of artistic expression.

    Scholarly | Creative Writing is a platform for young people to express their selves via Writing.

    Here at scholarly, we try as much as possible to offer useful Information to our readers and clear as they can be.

    All the articles and contents on this blog are originally authored and created by the writers of this platform and credits are given to the writers.


    • To create an enabling environment for young People in Nigeria to express their selves via Writing.

    • We hope to be one of the top spots in Nigeria and africa as a whole, when it comes to creativity, informative and educative contents.


    This platform was Launched in the year 2020, by Ayibanua Ayibakeme. A Nigerian Microbiologist, Ardent Blogger, Writer, and web designer.

    Overtime scholarly has grown and with different writers from different parts of  Nigeria.

    Currently, Scholarly has seven (7) writers contributing to this platform.

    Invite your friends, families, and loved ones here as we have a lot to offer! Do not be stingy please. Feel free to contact us at any time.

    Scholarly platform and its contents are protected by COPYRIGHT LAW (DMCA) with high-priority response rate. Reproduction without permission or due credit link back will cause your article(s) to be removed from search engines and disappearance of Ads on that page if monetized with Adsense.