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As a Publishing Platform, Scholarly allows you to share your write-up such as articles, poems, short stories and other piece of writing with the world.

However, these articles most meet up certain criteria in order for it to be approved.
Here is how it works;

  1. It must not promote any illegal activity
  2. Article must be un-plagiarized and unique
  3. Article must not have derogatory and sexual explicit contents
  4. Minimum number of words; Articles 1,000 words, Stories 500 words, Poems 300 words.
  5. The article must be original and has never been published on any online blog/website. You can include link to your website (backlink) if you have any.
  6. Write base on your expertise, what people are looking for (solutions) not for backlink sake.
  7. The article must be thoroughly edited and must be free from errors before sending to us.
  8. Your guest post should not include links to any adult content /drugs selling sites.
  9. We will add your article to our staging site. We will make sure it is formatted properly and do some mild editing if necessary.

When it's live, we'll send you the link.

Note: Articles will be credited to you (Name, Company, Business name, etc).


Please, also note that it might take up to 3 working days for your Article to be published.
Once your article comes up live, the link will be sent to you.